ECHOES OF WAR is the campaign setting for the FIREFLY Role-Playing Game.

Why’s it called Echoes of War?

The Unification War hasn’t been over that long. Memories are vivid. The losers may be bitter and disillusioned or they might just want to forget and move on. The winners may be insufferable and gloat over their fallen foes or they could feel proud that they did what was required of them. Each adventure has something to do with the Unification War. It’ll be up to your Crew to figure out what that “something” is, and then deal with the situation in your own way—and finish the job, of course.

Here’s how it is …

A few years back, the Alliance got all high ‘n mighty and demanded all other planets should fall under their rule. Not everybody agreed with that notion. Some who didn’t fought in the Unification War against the Alliance. Like any war, it was a bloody conflict and a lot of folks died on both sides.

The last conflict of the war, the Battle of Serenity Valley, put the final nail in the Browncoat’s coffin due to superior numbers. Just when the Browncoats thought they had the Alliance on the run, Independent High Command ordered them all to lay down their weapons and surrender. The War was over. But to this day, many of the Independents (also called Browncoats) haven’t forgotten what happened. Though they lost the War, most of them don’t think they were fightin’ on the wrong side. Most of them try to stay out of the Alliance’s way, running the Rim far off from the Core Planets where the Alliance is strongest. They take on whatever jobs they can to keep flyin’ and stay alive.

As you might have guessed, each member of a Crew has their own reasons why they’re flying across the ‘Verse. To survive, the crew finds all manner of jobs—some legal and some not so much—and travel from one side of the ‘Verse to the other. Whether or not they finish the job and get paid in a timely fashion is another matter entirely.

And that’s the way it is.






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