Persephone is a planet orbiting the protostar Lux in the White Sun system. It is under the rule of the Union of Allied Planets. Closer to the border worlds than Sihnon or Londinium, Persephone, while considered a civilized planet by Alliance standards, was still home to a large slum population. Therefore, one could find both the pinnacle of high society and the depths of the criminal underworld amidst the planet’s famously tiered societal structure.

Although Persephone City is the jewel of Persephone, Eavesdown is the diamond in the rough. Eavesdown is a densely populated ramshackle town somewhat resembling the Kowloon Walled City in its early days. It is thought that nearly 33,000 people live within Eavesdown. Although the Alliance and local law enforcement claim to govern the city, their main focus is on collecting money from taxes, tariff, and services provided at the Docks. The truth of the matter is that the Triads keep the peace, and govern Eavesdown.

Eavesdown Docks

Serenity approaching the Eavesdown Docks

The Eavesdown Docks is a dock on the planet Persephone where ships can land, refuel, pick up passengers and spend some down time. It’s a lower-class slum on used for planetside docking of less well-to-do craft.There’s no requirement for identification, retina scanning, letters of marque, or government licenses. As long as you have the credits, you can get into the Docks. Alliance Port Control won’t bat an eyelash as long as you don’t misbehave.


Eavesdown City Police Officers

The Eavesdown Docks were established in an effort to curtail smuggling by creating a central landing and trading center for all of Persephone. But it turned into the other thing. You know, a hive of scum and villainy. Running such a large and complicated high traffic facility proved nearly impossible for local authorities to keep any real track of the ships making berth into the Docks. At least that’s what the official chatter is with the Alliance. Truth is that the Alliance is smart enough to know that crime does pay. As long as folk using the Docks stay in line, pay their money, and stay under the radar then everything is shiny. However, if someone decides to step out of line or cause trouble under the nose of Port Control, then the Docks will be flooded with Alliance stormtroopers quicker than you can spit, as they say.

Local landing facilities were able to deal with local traffic, the sheer volume of moving the majority of ships to one central landing area immediately overwhelmed the numerous security checkpoints as smugglers quickly found holes in the bureaucratic nightmare and officials who could be bought, particularly on a planet with officials as corrupt as those on Persephone. As a result, what was intended as a model for security and efficiency is now considered the port of choice for smugglers and criminals looking to re-label cargo or obtain ID documentation.

The Docks are for all intents and purposes a self contained city. Ships land and open up shop selling goods between each other and leaving again before inspectors and customs officials even have a chance to begin inspection, often with unregistered travelers and cargo.

All in all, Eavesdown Docks is a commercial port and base of operations for many smugglers. The docks house much of the shadowy underworld and any number of crime ‘Lords.’ The title has a varying ring of truth to it. Some as call themselves a Lord is just making the ends meet, siphoning what they can off of folks and keeping the large wolves at bay. And then there’s those that have more at there command, and the fear that goes with it. The area is known for its territorial disputes which occasionally get out of hand. As long as it doesn’t impinge on business as usual, the aristocracy tends to look the other way.

So, what brings you to Eavesdown?





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