ecard-big-bad-wolf“Big Bad” is a term originally used on the American television program Buffy the Vampire Slayer created by Joss Whedon. The idea is that a Big Bad is a source of conflict for the protagonists. The Big Bad may be looming in the background as a threat but ultimately threatens to destroy the heroes if not dealt with in some fashion. It is the “Big Bad Thing In The Darkness.” The phrase originates in various fairy tales (particularly “Three Little Pigs” and the related song) about the “Big Bad Wolf“.


Masunori Yatsumoto is an agent of the Alliance government; he works directly for its parliament. Similar to a black ops agent, Yatsumoto does work that is not specifically acknowledged by the government. He has no name or official rank. He took interest in the crew of LIBERATION while attempting to locate Simon and River Tam at Eavesdown Docks.


asanteBorn on Lilac, fiercely independent, Asante fought on the side of the Browncoats as a member of an elite force sent out on secret missions. When the War ended, Asante considered her options. She knew for damn sure she wasn’t goin’ back to the farm on Lilac. She’d developed a taste for adventure and danger. Nothin’ like that good old adrenaline rush to make you feel alive. She let it be known to a certain favored few that she was on the market, in need of a job. She was willin’ to do dirty deeds, but they would not come dirt-cheap. She was hired by the Blue Sun Corporation and sent to work in their Corporate Espionage division. She refuses to discuss what she did during the War, even with former comrades. The War is over. She can’t understand those Browncoats who still wrap themselves in the bloody flag. Asante has put all that behind her. Unfortunately, her experiences won’t stay behind her. She’s troubled by terrifying dreams that jolt her wide awake, leave her shivering in a cold sweat. Most recently, she’s been contracted by the Blue Sun Corporation to assassinate the terrorist known as Benjamin Clemson and to capture the fugitive Edward Edwards. She’s pleased to acquire this job. She met Clemson before during the War, only he doesn’t know it—she was under cover. Asante never forgets a pretty face.


Colonel “Gorgeous” George Owens

owenwilson_bigThis Union of Allied Planets Colonel was the commanding officer of a Tohoku-class cruiser called The Avenger not far from the Georgia system. He holds a vendetta against Benjamin Clemson who not only humiliated him but also broke his nose. Owens earned his rank in the Alliance for having the reputation of being ruthless. However, he earned his nickname “Gorgeous” for his vanity. He has plans for Clemson, and yes, there will be blood.

For now, Colonel Owens is assigned to Interstellar Alliance Vessel (I.A.V.) Avenger. The Avenger is a Tohoku-class spacecraft. In essence, each Tohoku is a self-contained city in space, providing a platform for the Alliance to bring the benefits of civilization to the backward worlds of the Rim. The cruisers are manned more like a city than a spacecraft: information and development specialists, economists and financiers, public administrators, and the staff to support them all. A few high-ranking officials even bring their families aboard. Therrefore, Tohoku class ships are unarmored and rely on their gunships for defensive actions.

The Avenger is assigned as a diplomatic craft and embassy. Essentially, the Avenger houses several key members of Parliment who require transport back and forth between White Sun and Blue Sun systems.




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