level7logo LEVEL7BARAt DEPARTMENT 7, we pride ourselves on providing the world’s most cutting edge technology in cloning, genetic engineering, biotechnology and organ replacement. For too long have we watched brave and loyal soldiers of the Alliance, who didn’t wither in the face of death, give their lives for their country. But this is not the reason why we chose to walk this path. We chose this path because many of these brave soldiers didn’t die during engagements, but because of other causes. Disrupted supply lines kept them from fighting and defending themselves during attacks, and also prevented them from having food to remain operational. Diseases and injuries took them down because medical care wasn’t administered on time, or available at all. Because of this, we developed LEVEL 7 – combining all of our resources to provide the Alliance with the Perfect Warrior.



Today, LEVEL 7 is helping to build a future in which we can do extraordinary things. Fully control the electromagnetic spectrum for communications, sensing, and imaging. Provide precise and accurate position and timing throughout the ‘Verse. Wield cyber as a military capability with confidence in our own cybersecurity within the Cortex. Increase access to and through space by lowering its cost. Innovate more effective logistics for Terraforming. Provide support for Alliance Military Operations.  Open new operational regimes with advanced platforms and weapons. To build a strong foundation for tomorrow’s military systems, we are catalyzing an advanced technology base in new areas of information technology, electronics, and materials science, as well as new technologies emerging from the biological sciences.


level7missingpieceAt Level 7, we fully understand that every individual that enters our facility is somebody’s son or daughter. They may be someone’s sister, brother, mommy, daddy, wife, husband, best friend, grandmother, grandfather… the list goes on. The responsibility of providing each and every participant the kind of intruction we would expect for ourselves or our own loved ones is something we take very seriously. It is why we hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality, accountability, and service excellence, to ensure we are delivering the most effective care available today.

No matter what circumstances have led each individual we serve to our doors, we realize that no one wants to be just a number. That is why we are committed to doing everything in our power to make each individual’s stay as worthwhile, and comfortable as possible. To make this happen, we provide instruction in teams of the most highly qualified professionals, trained in the most advanced evidence-based methods available. Our staff works hard to ensure each participant experiences a modern, clean, and updated facility that is not only safe, but welcoming and pleasant as well. We strive to anticipate each person’s needs, and provide compassionate, private, respectful, and individualized instruction to every one of our participants.

LEVEL 7 is recruiting now.


You know how to find us.


Sponsored in part by: Blue Sun Corporation. Making Tomorrow Today.


And also sponsored by: Weyland-Yutani. Building Better Worlds.



“A movement is accomplished in six stages
And the seventh brings return.
The seven is the number of the young light
It forms when darkness is increased by one.
Change returns success
Going and coming without error.
Action brings good fortune.




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