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When I picked up the GENCON PREVIEW of the Firefly Role-Playing Game, I checked out the two “Modules” or “Adventures” included in the book called “Wedding Planners” and “Shooting Fish.” I really liked the idea of Shooting Fish, but I really didn’t think I wanted to run that Episode as the first foray into the role-playing game. I liked the overall plot of Wedding Planners, and decided that I’d focus on running that one for my group.

Margret Weis wrote the episode of “Wedding Planners” and it’s an excellent story. However, I knew that the first part of the story would go well with my players but the second part of the story was just NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. 🙂

So I decided that I would heavily change the story to work for my group. I mean, that’s what a Gamemaster is supposed to do, right?

So first, I thought it would be amusing if the “thugs”  hired to kidnap Daniel would actually be a part of the Crew. So during “Green Horns” I had Doctor Edwards and Abel receive an offer to collect a bounty on Daniel. They were supposed to kidnap him and take him to the Baron’s goons. That almost went sideways. 🙂 But it worked.

So then the other half of the Crew goes to see Badger, and takes the job to transport Lilliana to the Rim’s Dream. Seems like a fairly simple job. However, we introduce Asante, Seth, and Lilliana. I added Asante’s Young Miss Assistant because I knew that at some point I needed a victim.

I decided that I liked Asante well enough that she would become a recurring Big Bad. I was very careful to make sure that the trigger happy crew of LIBERATION did not gun her down like they did The Young Miss Assistant. I decided that she would make breakfast for the crew as a sampling of her fare for the upcoming wedding. Why? Because out in the black you don’t get real food. And LIBERATION’s Crew had been making due with canned foods and protein. I wanted to play up the OM NOM NOM factor. Also, I had thought about making Asante feed them fermented Marula fruit and Konlabos. However, right away the players started saying, “Watch up, she’s going to poison us!” So instead I decided to skip the drugged up fruit and just try to endear the Crew to Ansante by feeding them awesome food.

The Breakfast scene spawned one of my favorite Complications. My wife, playing Randa Cabbot, decided to have her character attempt to find out more about Asante by  chatting with her in the ship’s galley. At the same time, Randa was trying to figure out if the food had been poisoned. When Randa made a [MENTAL] + [NOTICE] roll, she botched. I put a Complication called “OMG BACON!” into play, explaining that Randa noticed there was real honest to God pork bacon available, and she became VERY distracted. 🙂

Seth was also not received well by the Crew. Well, part of the Crew. I decided that if Seth survived this story then he’d become a friend and asset to the Crew. My favorite moment with Seth was when Edward, Abel, and Mack decided to ambush him. The three characters came rushing through the Common Room of the ship into the Guest Quarters Hallway. Seth put his back to the door of Lilliana’s room while the three tried to gun him down. They all made [PHYSICAL + SHOOT] rolls opposed to his [PHYSICAL + MOVE] but none of them were able to get successes. I also remember there were a few 1’s that popped up in the player’s rolls. Seth managed to Take Out Edward and Abel, leaving Mack. Abel was able to Step Back his “GUN SHOT WOUND” to “JUST A GRAZE” but Edward was stuck with “SUCKING GUT WOUND.” I think Mack’s player was going to shoot Seth in the face but luckily Randa intervened and stopped the madness. Otherwise, Seth would have probably died right there. Maybe not. Who knows?

I REALLY considered having one of the stray shots from Edwards, Abel, and Mack going through the door and hitting Lilliana. Sort of like the situation with Kaylee getting shot. However, I didn’t do it. I honestly can’t remember why. But at some point, I made the decision not to include that part in the Story.

And in the end, the Crew helped Lilliana and Daniel unit and escape. I decided that they would become a bigger part of the story around LIBERATION. Therefore, I added in the part that Daniel said, “We’re going to find a little moon out in the middle of nowhere to live. Maybe we’ll call it HAVEN.” So yes, I’ve made it that Lilly and Daniel are the ones to settle Haven which is the place that Book goes to live (and die) and Serenity often visits to relax and regroup. So yeah, the Crew helping Lilly and Daniel matters because it allows for the creation of HAVEN.

Also, I introduced the mysterious and malicious “Level 7” lab on the Rim’s Dream. I took this idea from the Serenity Role-Playing Book where the big luxury liner is running illegal pit fighting within the gut of the ship. I decided that Rim’s Dream was a luxury liner with a big damn secret. It houses one of the 53 other Project: Oracle labs run by the Alliance and Blue Sun Corporation. Of course, we all know that River Tam was in Area 54, and that was certainly not on Rim’s Dream. 🙂 It seemed to work, and I liked it. So there. 🙂

And let’s not even talk about poor Templeton Steele! 🙂  The pompous bridegroom-to-be was knocked out, drugged up, cut on to alter his looks, and given a chemical lobotomy. Then he was delivered to a bughouse in Persephone City and ditched there by Edwards and Smith. However, the Crew had not seen the last of Templeton. 😉

Wedding Planners was a lot of fun but if you’re looking to see the actual plot written by Margret Weis and included in the Preview book, you might want to look elsewhere. 🙂

We done the impossible. We have fun. That makes us mighty.

Wedding Planners

Episode Guide




  1. M. Lion says:

    HI! Really love your site for obvious reasons – Firefly!
    My belly dance troupe performs at Gen Con every year – We are doing a Firefly dance this year too.


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