In simplest terms,  MILIEU is the environment or setting for a narrative. It’s where and when a story happens. Here are a few introduced in our campaign, Liberation Tales:

The ‘Verse

According to The Complete and Official Map of The Verse, the Verse is also known as 34 Tauri, although it should be noted that the real 34 Tauri is not a star, but an object accidentally cataloged as a star by astronomer John Flamsteed in 1690 which was later determined to be the planet Uranus. A PDF file titled The Verse in Numbers, accompanying the map on its official website, and from which the map is based, states that in 2020 Earth astronomers discover that 34 Tauri, up until that time thought to be a single star, was actually a cluster of five stars and several brown dwarfs, and soon numerous Earth-sized planetary bodies are discovered. Plans to colonize the system were underway by the 22nd century when conditions on Earth became so bad that it could no longer support human life and humanity needed to find a new home. Terraforming technology, tested on Earth’s moon Luna and the planet Mars, was eventually developed to a level capable of increasing the surface gravity of a moon-sized body to around 1G (Earth standard) and hold surface water and atmosphere necessary to sustain life.





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