A non-player character (NPC) in a role-playing game is any character that is never controlled by a player. In a traditional role-playing game, an NPC is a fictional character portrayed by the Gamemaster. If player characters form the narrative’s protagonists, non-player characters can be thought of as the “supporting cast” or “extras” of a roleplaying narrative. Non-player characters populate the fictional world of the game, and can fill any role not occupied by a player character (PC). Non-player characters might be allies, bystanders or competitors to the PCs. NPCs thus vary in their level of detail. Some may be only a brief description (“You see a man in a corner of the tavern”), while others may have complete game statistics and backstories of their own.

In the FIREFLY RPG, NPCS are referred to as Gamemaster Characters (GMCs) instead. Gamemaster characters (GMCs) come in three flavors: Major, Minor, and Extra. Major GMCs are characters that reoccur within the story and have a full set of stats just like the playing characters. Minor GMCs interact with the playing characters during one scene or episode, while minor characters are thugs, bystanders, or civilians.

These are a few of the folks appearing in our FIREFLY RPG Campaigns.


COUNT BALABAR SMENK is a businessman who owns a large stake in the mining and agricultural operations in Deadwood City on the planet of Deadwood. He also owns and operates the most notorious saloon in town frequented mainly by the hard working folk of the Mining Guild. It’s common knowledge that The Count hails from Persephone, and often uses Badger to arrange jobs running from Deadwood City to the Eavesdown Docks. Those in “the know” are aware that Smenk pays the Alliance well to turn a blind eye to his business on Deadwood, but that the relationship is always a tense one. Luckily, Smenk gained much of his wealth, power, and influence from Baron Optimus Fairchild, a former Persephone politician and elite robber baron. The one thing that everyone knows about The Count is this: he pays well and once you prove yourself as a resourceful crew, he’ll keep you on the payroll for as long as you’re crazy enough to do his dirty work.




Theo Carter is a self-made businessman operating out of Deadwood City on the planet of Deadwood in the Blue Sun System. Theo owns and operates the Mad Hatter Emporium which is a high end fashion shoppe. Here, shoppers can find high-end hats, suits, and footwear. It’s not likely a place that Jayne would be shoppin’ due to the lack of brightly colored t-shirts, but Simon Tam would be happy as a lark. Additionally,  lovers of fine oldtech will be happy to find that Mad Hatter’s also sells cigars, electronic cigarettes, and whiskey.

Those in the know understand that Theo’s real business is illegal goods. He maintains contacts with several smugglers  throughout the ‘Verse. He has as much going out as he has coming in daily. Whether it’s guns, drugs, tech, or slaves Theo has his stubby little fingers firmly in it.




The leader of a gang of thugs, pick-pockets, smugglers, and petty thieves, he is nto every sort of illegal enterprise that he thinks he can safely get away with, including protection rackets, smuggling, trafficking in stolen goods, etc. He is street-wise, cocky, and smart-mouthed. He maintains control by having something on everyone who works for him. He never goes anywhere without his well-armed body guards.


fireflyjabbaJubba Att is a notorious crime lord operating from Deadwood City. He started as a small time crook, but quickly spread his influence into a variety of illegal activities, including drug-smuggling, gunrunning, human trafficking, slavery, and sometimes outright piracy. Known for his cruelty and carnal fancies, Jubbah is powerful enough to command respect and payment from the ‘Verse’s ruling government that he appears to operate above the Law.



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