cropped-ffrpg2.jpgHello, and welcome to OUT IN THE BLACK.


My monicker is Big Rich. Also known as Fieldmechanik. I’m the Gamemaster for our Firefly Role-Playing Game campaign. I’ve been playing role-playing games since about 1987. I’ve filled the role of Dungeon Master, Storyteller, Referee, and Gamemaster more than I have player. However, I’ve done my far share of playing as well.

I’ve always enjoyed telling stories. I’ve always enjoyed writing. At one point, I told my parents I was going to write comic books for a living. Then in high school I was convinced I’d be an author. I’ve been published. Just small articles about gaming, mainly. Ironically enough, each publication is now out of business: Dragon Magazine, Thunder Castle News, and Inquest.

I will use this section for a “Behind the Scenes” section for the blog. Meaning, I will discuss the thoughts that bounced around in my wee brain while planning out the different episodes of FIREFLY that we played.

One thing that I’d like to point out is that I’m running the campaign to parallel events in the Firefly tv series. For example, Green Horns takes place during the time that Simon is breaking River out of the Institute. Wedding Planners ends at roughly the same time as “Serenity” the first episode of Firefly begins. So although the players may not know this or care about it at all, I’m keeping this in mind because if we end up playing long enough that Mal broadwaves the Miranda scandal, then it will be time for STHTF. 🙂

Also, please understand that although I have included canon material into the game, I have also expanded on it. Having read through Joss Whedon’s Browncoat Bible recently, I draw heavily on some of the comments he made within the scripts and notes. For example, Eavesdown Docks is clearly based on Mos Eisley Spaceport. He refers to the Alliance as being “very Trekkian.” He explains that the Hands of Blue aren’t cyborgs or just two wacky dudes but instead the law enforcement or security division of Blue Sun Corporation that cleans up messes like “CIA agents on steroids.” 😉

Also, to be clear, Department 7 and Level 7 are my own creation and do not appear in the Firefly Role-Playing Game. Department 7 is a nod towards D20 Modern and Level 7 is a reference towards Agents of Shield. Hey – whatever works. 🙂

Also, I’d like to point you to a few sections on the blog that may not stick out right away.


A friend snapped this picture of my “Gamemaster Tools” while I was telling a Call of Cthulhu story for the D20 RPG.

First, I’ll draw your attention to the Adventure Seeds section. These are little tidbits of ideas that I challenge you to steal and develop on your own.

Next, check out the Mastering The Game section. These are short posts which cover rules, game mechanics, and other stuff that might save your game!

Take a look around, and if you would … please leave a comment, or six.





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