Green Horns was where it all started. This storyline involved meeting with players either in pairs or alone to play through a short introduction to the game. The players got to test out their character, get a feel for the rules, and learn about the Firefly RPG system. Allowing each player to get a feel for the game at their own pace really helped during the first session with all six players at the table at once.

On the timeline, Green Horns takes place right before the first episode of Firefly, “Serenity.” I imagined that all this stuff with Liberation’s crew was going on at about the same time Simon was getting into trouble and working with the “Underground Movement” to bust River out of the Institute’s Area 54.


I have to admit that I considered running the first episode as exactly that: Breaking River Out. Nobody ever saw who the crew was that helped Simon. All you really saw in the Serenity movie was a glimpse of a ship and the platform that was lowered for their escape. So, I thought about making it that our Crew was the one that rescued the Tams and delivered them to Persephone. But my wife got a whiff of my plans and made the remark “Oh, let me guess, we’re going to be the people who saved River.” So I thought about it a little more, and decided not to go with that idea. However, if you’re looking for a cool way to begin your campaign … do it.

Green Horns was a lot of fun. The sessions helped to develop the characters and the plot. It also helped me to decide to run Wedding Planners rather than Shooting Fish. I like the idea of Shooting Fish, but it feels like an episode of the A-Team to me. Some gaming groups would probably excel within that story, but I felt that mine would not. After all, the first rule of being a Gamemaster is to know your audience. Wedding Planners just felt like the right way to go.

The Episode Guide has a listing of the Sessions of Green Horns, played from 10.5.13 to 11.7.13 along with three interludes.




  •  Doctor Edwards was brought on board with the idea that his credentials as an Alliance Physician might get them into places that might otherwise be off limits.
  • Mack has a salvage permit from the Persephone Salvage Guild.
  • Bounty Hunters were in Eavesdown Docks in full force
  • Abel and Randa both noticed a woman in brown overalls. This was Asante Okoro!




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