The PERSEPHONE CITY ASYLUM FOR THE INSANE is dedicated to providing the best opportunity for recovery to persons admitted for treatment. Furthermore, we realize the importance of families or significant others in an individual’s response to treatment, as well as their important role in the person’s support system. Therefore, with the individual’s permission, the hospital makes every effort to include families in treatment and discharge planning activities. This commitment to quality psychiatric care and family involvement in treatment is reflected in our mission statement.

We also know the importance of continuity of care in ensuring the shortest stay possible and the continuation of needed care and support after discharge from the hospital. Discharge planning even begins before the individual’s admission and continues throughout their hospitalization, ending with an individualized aftercare plan that guides the person’s return to community living. This comprehensive aftercare plan ensures the identification of needed services and supports after discharge. It also designates who is responsible for providing each service. This aftercare plan is then monitored by the county mental health program and modified or revised as needed to ease the person’s long-term adjustment to community living.

In providing care, Persephone Asylum is just one part in a continuum of comprehensive care that is available to residents of Persephone with persistent and serious mental illness. Our responsibility to people who need our services and support is to give the most current and effective inpatient treatment interventions and psycho-rehabilitation activities that will promote recovery. Community services for persons with serious mental illness have improved steadily over the past decade and as a result fewer and fewer persons need our level of care, which is certainly gratifying. However, should anyone need longer-term inpatient care, the staff of Persephone Asylum want to assure you that we will offer the best care possible and work as hard as we can to return you as quickly as possible to family, community and to a productive and satisfying life.



Ankang (安康) is a name shared by a number of psychiatric hospitals or asylums in China. The term literally means “peace and health for the mentally ill“. Many of these institutions are prison-hospitals for holding prisoners judged to be mentally ill, and operate directly under the Federal Anglo-Sino Alliance Government. Some patients sent to these institutions are political prisoners or Mahāyāna practitioners. By some estimates 3,000 political prisoners are held in about 25 ankang institutions across the White Sun System.

bar074Funding for the programming comes directly from Department 7, making tomorrow possible today.


 Edward and Abel Visit the Asylum



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