goodbadugly2Non-Playing Characters in OUT IN THE BLACK


bookCommonly called Shepherd Book, is a Shepherd who found God in a bowl of soup. He provides frequent spiritual advice and perspectives for those who need it. He has a mysterious past, and on numerous occasions has demonstrated a depth of knowledge in a number of fields in which one would not expect a clergyman to be familiar: including space travel, firearms, hand-to-hand combat, and criminal activity. Book’s past appears to involve the Alliance in some way; he possesses an Alliance identity card that gives Book priority status on an Alliance medical ship, and he demonstrates knowledge of Alliance military procedures. Shepherd Book and the inhabitants of Haven are later killed by the Operative while attempting to draw out the crew of SERENITY.


baronfairchildThe Baron is in his sixties. He’s tall and muscular, deeply tanned, with iron gray hair and deep wrinkles. He still works most days on his ranch. He’s good with his fists and a gun. He’s a hard man who’s used to gettin’ what he wants and no backtalk. The only person he ever really loved was his first wife who left him to a Young Farmhand. The Baron was a minor government functionary with the Bureau of Terraforming who saw the potential to make lots of money out on the Rim. He acquired the 900,000 acres of land he owns on Persephone in return for setting up certain influential politicians with some very sweet deals on other planets. Recently, he acquired the mineral rights to that land. Though he didn’t serve in the War, his influence within the Alliance is not to be ignored.


coltsteeleColt Steele is in his twenties. He has black hair and wears it slicked back. He has a pale complexion and oddly colorless eyes. He’s relatively good-looking, well dressed, manicured, and clean-shaven. He is, as one might imagine, good with a gun. He’s always armed, generally with his newest invention to some High Society Function. His Father is Templeton Steele, owner of one of the largest Mega-Corporations in the ‘Verse. Named after his distant ancestor from Earth-That-Was, Samuel Colt, he is the new Chief Executive Officer of Colt’s Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company located in Persephone City. His Father, Templeton, promoted the young man before the highly publicized wedding of Templeton to Lilliana Fairchild, a media darling.




The Hard Burn is a well known vessel operating mainly in the White Sun System. It is a Knorr Class Freighter that has been highly modified. Although the Hard Burn well known for their ruthless and cruel criminal acts, they are able to operate above the law. This is because they are funded by the Blue Sun Corporation in their Top Secret Military Division. The ship is registered to Captain Asante Okoro although “Bully” Hayes is the acting Captain. Her crew appears to be a band of roving space pirates, one of many who rove the black, routinely kidnappin’ wealthy people and holdin’ them for ransom. In reality, they are a bunch of hand-picked former Browncoats who have special skills. Each of them received grievous wounds during the Unification War. Her crew consists of a large main crew: “Bully” Hayes, James Kelly, Hicks, Bunko, Hudson, Wieczerbski, Spider, and Lynx.


He’s an Alliance Federal Marshall. He has friends in low places.



AllianceFederalMarshall2He’s not a lawman anymore. He’s got his own agenda. He’s going to put you down, dog.




Nova is in her mid-twenties. She’s a registered Companion. A stunning blonde, and an awesome actress. Born into House Madrassa on the planet Sihnon, she trained as a Companion since the age of sixteen and is well versed in several arts, including seduction. Registered Companions are valued in polite society and are part of the Core’s social elite. Though they are protected by certain laws, Companions aren’t always treated the same by everyone they encounter. Some call them “whores,” while others admire and respect them. Her Companion’s training and Buddhist beliefs, combined with a strong will and keen intelligence, makes Nova a match for anyone.

Percival Chao

chaoOne of the most respected socialites on Persephone, Percival is a gracious Asian bachelor with assets and estates on Sinhon. As he tells it, he ventured out into the ‘Verse to find “challenges and opportunities that just weren’t available in the Core worlds”. Most know him for the seasonal shindigs he throws at his country estate. A select few also know about his extensive black market network and his role as a “fixer”—a kind of trade agent for illegal merchandise or goods needin’ to avoid tariffs or inspection. Very few know that Chao has some kind of connection to the Sinhon Tong.


crowleybadger100Badger was born in a colony on Dyton, a moon of the planet Greenleaf. He left home early to embark on a career as a small time crook. He made enough money to carve out a small business of his own within Eavesdown Docks. He filled a niche in illegal salvage, slaving, smuggling, and trade of Earth-That-Was antiques. Badger is unpredictable. Sometimes he’s your best asset, and sometimes he’s your greatest foe.


Seth, The Bodyguard

Seth, The Bodyguard

Seth was born on Baron Fairchild’s ranch on Pershephone, son of a ranch hand. When war broke out, he left to join the military, fighting on the side of the Alliance. He was wounded during the War and received the Silver Citation Starburst for bravery under fire. After the War ended, Seth returned to visit his parents. While there, he happened to save the Baron’s life when a drunken ranch hand tried to slit his throat. Impressed with Seth’s skill and courage, the Baron hired him as his own personal bodyguard. The Baron trusts Seth implicitly, which he why he chose him to accompany his daughter, Lilianna, on board LIBERATION. Seth knows both Lilianna and her lover, Daniel, from his days on the ranch. He’s fond of them, but he thinks that Lilianna can do better for herself than an impoverished ranch hand. Seth is very loyal to his employer. The Baron ordered him to bring Lilianna safely to her wedding and Seth obeys orders. Well, mostly.

Doctor Caron

sarah-paulson-ahsIn our role-playing game, she is an assistant to Doctor Mathias. She is working on the Level 7 project to create “The Perfect Warrior” for the Alliance Government. The research project which resulted in River Tam’s psychosis and increased abilities. Dr. Caron, in the film Serenity, was a member of the rescue team that investigated the strange happenings on Miranda. Her recording of the event, noting the Alliance’s inadvertent creation of what would become the Reavers, is pivotal in the film’s climax. She, along with the rest of her team, is killed by the Reavers after their ship crashed.


mathias_4351Dr. Mathias is the doctor who headed the research project which resulted in River Tam’s psychosis and increased abilities. He is very proud of his achievements and the importance it brought to him.


The Hands of Blue

The Hands of Blue

According to Joss Whedon, these gentlemen are agents of the Government fully funded by Blue Sun Corporation. Although only two of them were depicted in Firefly and Serenity, the intention of the Hands of Blue was that they were basically “CIA agents on steriods.” When something top secret goes awry, the Hands of Blue make it disappear.


fanty-mingoAlso commonly known as “Fanty” and “Mingo” these two are businessmen who trade in illegal goods. Otherwise known as “fences” they knowingly buys stolen property for later resale, usually in a legitimate market. Fanty and Mingo act as middlemen between thieves and the eventual buyers of stolen goods who may not be aware that the goods are stolen. The twins were named at birth by their mother—Mingojerry as a mis-remembered Mungojerrie from Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats, and Fantastic for what she said when she realized that she was carrying twins, meaning she had to give birth again.


MattieCobbMattie is Jayne’s little sister and Radiant’s youngest daughter. She suffers from damplung. As an occupation, she collects information. She knows a lot of things. For the right price she might tell you a little of what she knows. Dong Ma?


Dean Frye

Dean Frye

Dean Frye owns and operates one of the best (if not the best) mechanic shops on Persephone, located on the outskirts of Eavesdown Docks. If it rolls, hovers, soars, or flies – he can fix it. He is the father of Kaywinnet Frye.



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