Few people know about Department 7. Those with knowledge of the organization understand not to speak out it.


Department 7 is a government organization linked to The Institute which recruits talented individuals who are not aware of the agenda of the Government, but are willing to act for the common good of the Union of Allied Planets. Most recruits are entered directly into The Academy for testing.  Exceptional students within the Academy are transferred to The Institute, and depending on their abilities may be entered into many different experimental programs, one of which is code named Level 7.


Funding for the organization filters through a number of shell corporations, but research suggests that it all comes from a single benefactor, the Blue Sun Corporation. The entire organization was established as a part of the Parliamentary Order 16, which provided education for exceptional individuals, especially those with psychic abilities.

Governmental records claim that Department 7 is just another Educational program for Gifted Individuals. According to this, Department 7 was organized to (a) promote research in the field of developmental psychology; (b) help the exchange of information about developmental psychology through the Government Division; (c) enhance undergraduate and graduate education in developmental psychology for use by the Governmental Agencies; (d) present awards to both new and established researchers for their outstanding contributions to developmental psychology; and (e) promote the use of scientific knowledge in both applied settings and public policy decisions relevant to the ideal development of infants, children and adults.


This may be true, however, many believe otherwise. But this belief remains conjecture, myth, and conspiracy theory. Mainly because Department 7 is a governmental organization that is owned and operated by powerful mega-corporations within the Core, namely the Blue Sun Corporation on Beaumonde.



The heavily industrialized planet of Beaumonde is the manufacturing hub of the system. Its cities were surrounded by factories that produced everything from computer parts to ceramic coffee mugs. Many of the factories are owned by Blue Sun Corporation, though there were rumors that a few of these were not really factories at all or, if they were, that they’re turning out something other than canned beans. Security was tight on all Blue Sun plants, so no one was able to get inside one of these buildings to find out. Or least if they did, they never got back out to tell the tale.



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