Please join us in gathering to have fun and raise money for sick kids. We will be hosting two Extra Life benefit events for UPMC Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital on Saturday October 29, 2016 and November 5, 2016 at the DuBois Public Library. If you want to play Dungeons & Dragons with use (or learn to play the game) that’s great. But even if you don’t please come out to share in the fun and see what we’re doing to give back to the community!

Please share this post on Social Media! And if you can’t attend, please consider donating $1 to the donation page! Thank you for being a hero!

Extra Life: http://www.extra-life.org/
DONATION PAGE: https://goo.gl/boCB0v
CHECK OUT THE FLIER! http://tinyurl.com/h7qbzee


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“Bring Firefly Back”

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The Way of Things

Any number of things can happen to a crew. Sure, you want things to go smooth. Do the job, get paid, keep flyin’. Sounds simple enough, don’t it? Truth is, though, things are rarely that easy. Alliance patrols, con artists, thieves, Reavers, and big business might all be ready to ruin a perfectly good week. It’s wei shan out in the Black, but if you love your boat and the crew sticks together you’ll live to fly another day.

Problem is that the crew of LIBERATION ain’t been stickin’ together. They’ve been in a state of fluz for some time. The captain’s been tryin’ to bring the crew together but it seems like Edward’s always doin’ somethin’ to tear them apart again.

And right now, not so good, is the way of things. Masunori Yatsumoto finally caught up with them. Now they are captives of the Alliance on the prison ship FREEDOM. They are being transported to a hellish penal moon aptly named PERDITION.

Is this the end for the crew of LIBERATION?




Each of the crew wake up in a brightly lit stark white room. They are each alone, isolated within their own private room. Each are dressed in white clothing, and their wounds have been treated. The injuries are still tender, and it is painful to move without effort.

Craefully moving to the small round window, they can see that they are in some kind of combination holding cell and recovery room.

The window faces out into a plain grey metal hallway.


As they peer out the window, they are amazed to see Commander George Owens walking down the hallway with two Agents who are both wearing blue gloves.

Owen’s managed to survive your attack, but he bears disfiguring chemical burns to half of his face, making him monstrous to behold. He makes eye contact with you as he strolls by your cell.

He sneers, and nods at you, making some kind of comment to the Blue Sun Agents. They glance at you, seeing you looking out the small round window. They nod in response to Owens.

Then, all three men walk away, out of your view, down the long hallway.


… to be continued …

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Thoughts on the Firefly/Serenity Universe

The Black Campbell

I always found the Reavers of the Firefly universe intriguing until the movie ruined it. Oh, look, space zombies… Or maybe “space Crazies” would be more appropriate. I understand the movie was an attempt to wrap as many plotlines from the far-too-early-axed television series, but making the Reavers simple a science experiment gone bad was…lazy.

Worse, it too away the agency of a group that had been built up to be a terrifying, almost existential, terror for space travelers in the ‘Verse, the equivalent of trolls under the bridge.

One of the things that made them so interesting was shown in the episode Bushwhacked. Here, the reavers had killed the crew of a transport, yet left one of the crew alive…why? The man is suffering from traumatic bonding, and starts to see himself as one of those that had tortured and killed his crew. But what if it were…

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