The Londinium Academy is…





The Academy is unlike any other school. We are government-funded private school that places children into classes based upon their ability, not their chronological age. We have a unique educational environment where exceptionally bright adolescents can learn at an accelerated rate and reach their maximum potential.

The Academy’s teaching method is a hands-on, experiential approach including special subjects such as Forensic Microbiology, Latin, Tàijíquán, Yoga, Character Education, Thought Reprogramming, and so much more.

If your child is looking for a more challenging, intellectually stimulating school environment where they can truly excel, then read on….

Our Mission

The Academy’s sole mission is to provide profoundly bright young children an advanced educational opportunity matched to their abilities, strengths, and interests. We want to challenge and inspire young minds through compelling academic program to ensure each child reaches his or her full potential for the empowerment of the Alliance.


Why The Academy?

There are numerous reasons to consider The Academy as the best possible education for your advanced learner.  Among them are:

1. Our students are placed into classes based upon their abilities

Not all advanced learners are the same as their peers. Some are more advanced in some areas and can learn at an accelerated pace.  The Academy does not put children into classes based upon their chronological age, we place children into classes based upon their ability.  Subsequently, they are surrounded by other students that can learn at the same advanced pace as themselves in each subject.

2. Our unique curriculum is best for advanced learners

The Academy’s curriculum was created uniquely for advanced learners. Using our “connected lesson plan” approach, students are immersed in a topic which is taught class to class which fully engages the students in learning. Our teaching uses a hands-on, experiential approach which facilitates better learning. Also eliminated are unnecessary, repetitious exercises which only lead to boredom with advanced learners. The curriculum is streamlined, allowing our students to fully comprehend curriculum and obtain knowledge at an accelerated pace… at their pace.


3. Our teachers are subject matter experts

We don’t have grade level teachers who are generalists in a wide variety of subjects. Our students move from class to class and are taught by teachers that understand a single subject across many grade levels.  They are subject matter experts. Our priority is to staff the school with dedicated instructors and administrators who are willing and able to help bright students to thrive in an innovative educational environment. Primoris Academy has the flexibility to define a path and improve upon it when necessary to ensure that we are addressing the needs of the students.

4. Our students are surrounded by other advanced learners

The students at The Academy are not held back by other students.  All of the students at Primoris Academy are advanced learners, capable of performing at high levels. It is an optimal learning environment where students are appropriately challenged in an intellectually stimulating school environment where they can truly excel and fully reach their potential.


Want to Know More About Us?…

If you want to know more about The Academy, just ask!  Use our Automated Cortex Form and your message will be waved directly to us and we’ll respond as quickly as we can.




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