tumblr_n0hm2tSeXI1r7hjkqo1_5002463 –

  • LIBERATION is built. It is one of the 28,000 03-K64-Firefly Transport Freighters manufactured by Firefly Ship Works, Ltd. in Hera. The design is a military version of the civilian craft designed in 2459.

2506 –

  • The Miranda Project fails, killing 99.9% of the colonists. It is suggested that the failure of the G-23 Paxilon Hydrochlorate precipitated the Unification War. The first hostilities of the Unification War begin on April 12 2506 between the Anglo-Sino Alliance and the Independents. Actual battle started in May 2506.

2507 –

  • Merciless cannibalistic killers known as Reavers begin appearing at the edges of the Blue Sun system.

2508 –

2509 –

  • LIBERATION is severely damaged during combat. Decommissioning places her in a scrap yard on the outskirts of Persephone City within a Blackout Zone. She is stripped of all weapons and left alongside several other decommissioned vehicles.

2510 –

  • The Battle of Du-Khang.
  • The Battle of Sturges is fought in space, leaving many shipwrecks in its aftermath. It will become notoriously well-known, considered by some to be the bloodiest, shortest battle in the entire war, with many lives “snuffed in a blink.” Unbeknownst to the general public, the battle is actually fought over a stash of money.

2511 –

  • The Battle of Serenity Valley on Hera marks the last battle of the War. After a week of negotiations, a peace agreement is reached, with the Independent High Command surrendering to the Anglo-Sino Alliance. All of the settled worlds are united as a result of the peace agreement and the Anglo-Sino Alliance comes to be formally known as the Union of Allied Planets. It is considered by some to be the dawn of a new galaxy.
  • The Unification War ends on September 20th. This day is named “Unification Day.” Counts claims that during the War 500,00 casualties were suffered. 200,000 of those were Independent Soldiers (Browncoats.) Only 150 Browncoats survived the Battle of Serenity with a loss of around 1850 men and women.

2512 –

  • Radicals within the Independent ranks dub themselves Dust Devils and keep fighting after their side has stood down, treating civilian militia like they were still soldiers despite not bothering to wear uniforms. Some consider them terrorists who kill a lot of good people, making it that much harder for a unified peace to take hold; but “Dust Devils” is spoken with pride on the rim, where others consider them local heroes or simply “strong-minded folk.” The Dust Devils are often referred to as the “Independent Liberation Front.” Official members of the Dust Devils are called “Peacemakers.”
  • The duty status of Sergeant Benjamin Clemson at the end of the Unification War is that of a “Non-Trialed Browncoat,” though Benjamin is also awarded a valor commendation for his actions in the Battle of Serenity Valley by Independent High Command.

2513 –

  • Benjamin Clemson purchases LIBERATION from a Blackout Zone scrap yard in the outskirts of Persephone City.
  • Benjamin Clemson is captured by Alliance Officer “Gorgeous” George Owens while pulling a smuggling job for Fanty and Mingo. Quinn MacLoch helps Clemson escape detainment before he can be escorted by Federal Marshalls. During the incident, Owens and Clemson engage in a fist fight. Clemson breaks the Alliance Officer’s nose.
  • Benjamin hires Quinn MacLoch and Rhanda Cabott.

2514 –

  • Doctor Edward E. Edwards begins working for Department 7. He works in close contact with Durran Haymer and Michael Mathias.
  • The Tam family is made aware of a government-sponsored academy they had never heard of before where River Tam could be sent to learn. Although they have the money to send her anywhere, this academy has the most exciting and challenging program, and River wants to go, so she is sent there.

2515 –

  • Doctor Edwards interviews River Tam for possible entry into a special program. When Edwards says that she is very intuitive, River mentions Simon. Edwards then asks River if entry into the Program sounds like something she’d be interested in, to which she simply asks, “Would I still be allowed to dance?” Edwards signs River up for the Alliance Program at The Academy. This is the only interview Edwards has with River.
  • Doctor Edwards is relieved of duty, and flees the Alliance Hospital at Capital City in Osiris with Abel Smith in tow. Edwards and Smith are assisted in their escape by John “Mack” MacGruger, a now AWOL Special Forces Solider for the Alliance.

2516 –

  • In the course of River Tam’s modifications at the Academy, the institute’s doctors open up her skull, leaving a scalpel scar, and make repeated incisions into her brain–even though it is healthy and this would normally be done only to lobotomise a person and remove damaged tissue. They strip her amygdala, a filter in the brain that keeps one’s feelings in check when one does not want to feel scared or worried or nervous. As a result, River now feels everything, as she can no longer push these feelings to the back of her mind.
  • Edward Edwards, Abel Smith , and Mack MacGruger join the crew of LIBERATION two days before New Years. Benjamin hasn’t had the best paying jobs lately and hopes that renting the shuttle to a respectable Doctor from the Core will bring a certain respectability to his ship that others can’t. Plus, the extra money will be shiny.


  • Simon Tam is contacted by some men from The Dust Devils, who tell him that his sister River is in danger, as the government is “playing with her brain.” They indicate that if he funds them, they can sneak her out in cryo and get her to Persephone, from which he can take her wherever he’d like. Simon hires them and they are successful in getting River to him as promised. Once the Alliance becomes aware of his sneaking her out, however, they crash his accounts. Amongst the things Simon is able to bring with him is a medkit containing valuable medicines such as ivoprovalyn, propoxin, and hydrozapam.
  • Green Horns begins with LIBERATION landing at Eavesdown Docks. Cy Law and the Crew of SERENDIPITY are executed by an Alliance Kill Team searching for Simon and River Tam on Docking Pad 56.
  • Several members of the Crew take notice that several prominent Bounty Hunter ships are present at Eavesdown Docks. This is not normal. It’s scary.
  • Masunori Yatsumoto takes interest in LIBERATION after being buzzed by Mack, Abel, and Edwards in the Whoop Chicken shuttle. After buzzing Docking Pad 56, Yatsumoto watched the shuttle dock with LIBERATION.
  • Masunori Yatsumoto is assigned by The Parliment to hunt down LIBERATION after discovering that the ship’s crew is made up of former Browncoats who are aiding and abetting a rouge Department 7 Doctor (Edwards), an AWOL Alliance Special Forces Trooper (Mack), a former Alliance Field Medic charged with treason (Abel), and a wanted fugitive wanted for Crimes Against the Government (Quinn.) Yatsumoto assigns Asante Okoro to infiltrate LIBERATION.
  • WEDDING PLANNERS” takes place. The Crew of LIBERATION meet Shepard Book. Book returns to Persephone and buys passage on SERENITY. Also Level 7 beings as a concurrent and ongoing storyline.
  • MANHUNT” begins after LIBERATION returns to Eavesdown Docks. An Alliance Kill Team murders several citizens of Eavesdown while attempting to capture the Terrorist known as Benjamin Clemson. This Kill Team is commanded by Asante Okoro.
  • Smith and Edwards pull a job at the Persephone Ankang during “Secrets of the Asylum.”





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