Alliance News Network, powered by Blue Sun Media

Alliance News Network, powered by Blue Sun Media

PERSEPHONE, WHITE SUN SYSTEM — The New Resistance attacked a Union of Allied Planets Consulate Ship in orbit near Persephone with bombs and chemical weapons. The attack resulted in the deaths of at least four Parliamentary Officials, an interpreter, and thirteen members of the Union of Allied Planets security officers.  Several hundred others, including the ship’s Captain, Colonel George Owens, were critically injured. The bombing failed to destroy the ship itself.

The ship is a Tohoku Class Interstellar Alliance Vessel named Avenger. In essence, each Tohoku is a self-contained city in space, providing a platform for the Alliance to bring the benefits of civilization to the backward worlds of the Rim. The Avenger was enroute to Deadwood in the Blue Sun System and stopped for refueling at Persephone.

Within hours of the attack, local law enforcement cooperated with  temporarily evacuated the port in question, Eavesdown Docks while an investigation was conducted. New Resistance spokeswoman known only as “Bea” took responsibility for the assault.

This attack underscored concerns about an insurgency that shows no signs of letting up their assault against domestic vessels. This attack comes only two weeks since the tragedy inflicted upon Blue Sun Travel’s Rim’s Dream Cruise Ship by agents of the New Resistance.

The attack began when militants in a domestic shuttlecraft asked permission to dock with Avenger to seek medical aid for an injured passenger. Once the shuttle was docked and secured, the terrorists set off their explosives.

Colonel George Owens has received commendations and accolade for his leadership during this dire situation upon Avenger.


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