Last time on Firefly, our heroes had decided to lay low.  T’sien Rafferty, the newest recruit, told the Captain that he had a contact who could help them.  When all the arrangements were made the crew went to meet with Pennington Duprey.  They landed the ship behind the salvage yard and covered it with a camouflaged tarp.  Afterwards, they were escorted into a large brick building to meet with T’sien’s colleague.


Pennington Duprey was a shady businessman operating on the edge of the Maze of Eavesdown.  The Maze was the result of several vendors and professionals who worked in the open market at Eavesdown docks.  It all started with just a few ramshackle houses and then came the containers stacked on top of each other and before you knew it was a replica of the Kowloon Walled City from Earth-That-Was.  Pennington was lucky.  He didn’t have a shack or metal container for his salvage office.  He was one of the few who owned an honest to God building made of brick and mortar.

StratX Salvage Yards was established about five years ago when Pennington decided to leave Deadwood and set up shop on Persephone.  Eavesdown was the most logical place.  It was in proximity to the docks but close enough to the barrens that local law enforcement usually stayed out of his business.  A few extra credits and a favor here and there reinforced that idea.  Better to stay on the right side of dirty cops rather than having them poking around in your business.  As far as the Tong was concerned, they left him alone as long as he paid his protection money on time.  With all those bases covered, Pennington was free to do what he wanted.  Sometimes it was legit, salvaging wrecks or derelicts with his Alliance permit.  Other times it was filling contracts by finding junk parts and refurbishing them.  Other times he was finishing a rush job of chop shopping or outfitting a stolen vehicle.  It really didn’t matter – the credits all spent the same.

T’sien took charge of the meeting and introduced everyone.  After telling a short story about a job that put them between a rock and a hard place, Pennington agreed to negotiate.  The agreement was that the crew could lay low and relax while the ship was being fixed.  The ship’s armor plating was in need of repair, but more importantly Benjamin wanted to replace his lost shuttle with a military version. That model had not been in production since the war.

But it just so happened that Pennington and his team had just recently been to Hera and recovered just such a shuttle.  It was rusty and in terrible disrepair but given enough time Pennington promised them fly like a dream.  Although the details will be left out of the file he would also outfit it with an autocannon, drop bombs, and stinger missiles just like it would have been outfitted during the war. (1)

Benjamin explained that he had the credits in an account but it was possible someone was tracing any exchanges.  (2) To avoid any unnecessary entanglements they decided to strike a gentlemen’s agreement to use a local money changer who could transfer credits to hard currency.  Pennington confirmed he’d happily accept platinum instead of credits even though the use of such money was frowned upon by the government.  While the crew settled in, the Captain went to meet the repair team.

Pennington introduced his two top mechanics named Paco and Taco.  He explained that Taco had earned his name during an eating competition.  Both men seemed competent and eager to begin work.  The mechanics started preparing for their job immediately while Pennington and Benjamin continued to negotiate.  Taco went to find a plasma cutter while Paco began safety measures.


The crew settled in and went about their own business.  Each of them had things they wanted to do.  The problem was they couldn’t be seen moving around the Maze or the Docks. Although surveillance was not as prevalent in Eavesdown as in larger Core cities, it still existed.  There was the always the possibility of being captured on film, recognized by a passive retina scan, or simply spotted by some bounty hunter who paid close attention to the Cortex. (3)


A television talk show where a spokesman for the Parliament explains that Clemson and his crew are domestic terrorists.

As far as the media was concerned, they were terrorists. They had been framed for atrocities committed aboard the Rim’s Dream. (4) On top of that they helped Daniel and Lilliana escape from the Baron by stealing his ship and then later taking possession of that same stolen property.  Not to mention that a Parliamentary Operative had taken an interest in their activities thanks to being buzzed by Edward’s gang at the docks. And let’s not forget that Edward and Able still had active warrants due to disturbances at the rodeo (where they kidnapped Daniel) and at the street fair (where they assaulted a Tong lieutenant.) And while we’re making a list there’s also the fact that half the crew are wanted by Federal law enforcement and the other half have prices on their heads from the Blue Sun Corporation.  And although they may not be aware of it yet Asante want revenge for their meddling in her mission to capture Lilliana and will soon have that guile multiplied when she discovers that the crew of the Hard Burn were killed trying to detain Liberation.  And finally the attack on Avenger may have eliminated Commander Owens as a threat but the fact remains that several civilian lives were lost due to the attack.  The Avenger wasn’t a war vessel but instead was commissioned as a space station for diplomatic functions. (5)  So all in all the crew had plenty of reasons to stay in hiding.

passive retina scanner

passive retina scanner

Randa was still angry but was focusing on drafting a new set of counterfeit credentials for the ship.  (6) It would still be registered as a Firefly class transport but under a new name and new serial number.  Since Interpol kept an eye such activities, Randa would have to take her time to hack the system and make sure to leave no traces on the Cortex.

shiplogoQuinn was busy surfing the Cortex and keeping an eye on flags, alerts, and news feeds that might pertain to them.  When she got bored with that though, she started to check on some fashion sites and accessed data files about her favorite celebrities.  Purely by accident she managed to find some information about Daniel and Lilly. There were plenty of “Where are they now?” articles and stories about the success of her charities thanks to large contributions made in the name of Templeton Steele. (7)

Although it was obvious that Baron Fairchild had paid the media to fabricate a wedding with body doubles for the sake of appearances, Quinn knew better.  It took almost eight days to get back from the wedding job and Quinn had received a few waves from Lilliana using a coded message system.  Lilly had expressed gratitude for helping her get away from Templeton and start a new life with Daniel.  They planned to return to the Blue Sun system and purchase an old mining operation that they would turn into a safe house for people like them who wanted to stay out from under the thumb of the government.

Lilliana suggested that they might call the little moon “Haven.” She commented that Shepherd Book might even come to stay with them after he was done getting back into the world awhile.  In another coded wave she’d reported that they had purchased the old mining operation and had plenty of folks willing to get Haven up and running.  She invited Quinn and the crew to come visit some time.  And she told of how Shepherd Book had purchased transportation from another Firefly transport named Serenity. It made Quinn feel good to have actually something honorable among all the bad. (8)

T’sien was busy tinkering.  He had a lot of ideas. One was to make a little bit of money.  He was given permission by Pennington to root around in the salvage yards looking for useful parts which might prove interesting for his developing prototypes.  T’sien managed to find several old Gurstler engines and a matching cooling system drives used on the class one Firefly transport.  He realized that with some tinkering he might be able to make some improvements for the Liberation.  He spent a lot of time moving through the junk with a huge smile on his face. (9)

Doctor Edwards ordered Abel, Mack, and Zan to return to Hangar 84B and prepare the Ice Pony for liftoff.  Edwards needed a backup plan in case things got too hot to handle.  I mean everybody knows that Benjamin doesn’t have a clue when to hold them when to fold ‘em.  He would make a terrible poker player and Kenny Rogers wouldn’t even want to talk to him.

Edwards did some maintenance on his Needler tranquilizer gun and refilled the darts with his own concoction of chemicals designed to put unruly specimens to sleep.  Afterwards, he decided to make sure that the repair crews were healthy enough to complete their work.  It was possible that they may be lacking in nutrition and would require some supplements and augmentation.  He brought a small bag of stimulants, several hallucinogenics, and a small bag of marijuana with him.  He figured that if he could sell some goodies to Paco and Taco maybe he would have enough money to pay the rent on the other Shuttle.

Doc Edwards

Doc Edwards

Edward was dismayed to find neither mechanic was interested in purchasing any of his pharmaceuticals.  Apparently neither of them had any interest in expanding their mind or experiencing chemical enhancement.  However, Pennington saw the good doctor slipping some pills into the mechanic’s drinks.  When confronted Edward simply explained that he was adding purification tablets to the liquids.  Without further ado, he got the hell out of dodge.  Pennington decided to keep an eye on Edward after that. (10)

Meanwhile, Abel, Zan, and Mack made their way back into town to Hangar 84B.  Although no one else was aware of what happened – someone was waiting for them.  A bounty hunter who got a good tip from some of Baron Fairchild’s men staked out the hangar and got lucky. But that’s another story.

After a few hours passed the Crew was talking about what happened with the Hard Burn.  Although the ship fired on them several times, it was clear that none of the shots were intended to cause damage.  It appeared every shot was one of warning sent across the bow.  Some of the crew started to wonder if shooting the ship down was the best course of action. But Benjamin defended his actions explaining that they were Federal bounty hunters on contract to bring them all in.  He had no plans of being captured again or going to some unnamed Alliance prison on some undeveloped desert Moon in the middle of the nowhere.  If someone endangered his crew then they were a threat.  Threats needed to be eliminated.


The conversation drew Pennington’s attention.  He suggested that he might be able to recover some decent materials from the wreckage.  They decided to use the Flying Mule to head out to the crash site.  Pennington, Benjamin, Quinn, and Edward rode out on the salvage job.  Randa and T’sien would remain to continue their personal projects.

A direct route to the wreckage site would have taken 15 minutes at best however they decided to show some restraint and take a long way around.  So a half hour later they can see the gray smoke billowing out from the wreckage of the privateer ship.  They could also see a  hovercar nearby and two men dressed in civilian clothing meandering around the area.  Benjamin told Quinn to take the Remington and finding good sniper’s nest around the rock outcroppings and dunes.  If things got out of control she was to put the two men down.


As they approached the crash site in the Flying Mule, both men stepped forward. They started to wave their arms. One man was dark skinned and bald while the other was light skinned with long, thinning hair.  The first man appeared to be African while the other looked Sino.  Both of them had Glock 17 pistols strapped to their sides and wore Federal marshal badges clearly displayed on their belts.

The Sino Marshall

The Sino Marshall

“Stop right there,” said the first man as he raised his hand palm out towards them. “This is a restricted area!  We’re Federal marshals.  Just keepin’ this site secure the next couple hours.”

Edward asked exavtly what they were keeping safe out here in the middle of the Barrens. The light skinned marshal explained that Blue Sun corporation was sending a salvage team for the wreckage and the casualties.  A trauma team had already arrived and departed taking the captain of the downed vessel to Persephone City hospital.

Pennington and Edward started to talk at the same time.  Benjamin sat back to watch.  He hoped that Quinn have found a decent place to watch what was going on.  The first marshal spoke with Pennington while the second listened to Edward.  Pennington showed his salvaging permit for identification and Edward was more than happy to show off his high level security Ident card.  Luckily Edward was droning on so much that the Marshall didn’t notice that the Ident card was out of date by several months.

Both marshals agreed that they could proceed with caution.  Edward had managed to convince them that he would be able to confirm if there were any survivors that the trauma team overlooked and Pennington convinced them that there might be some kind of structural danger with the engines or systems of the ship.  The doctor added, “If the core on that damn thing explodes and turns this place into a radioactive waste land then you’ll be sorry that you didn’t let us get a look at that wreckage.”

One of the marshals called in to his station asking to be connected to the salvage director of operations for Eavesdown docks.  Edward overheard what was being said and recognized the name.  Although he didn’t realize it, this was due to his sporadic Reader ability.  So he explained the Marshall that he knew the supervisor and dropped the man’s name.  This was enough to end up tipping the scales in the crews favor.

The first marshal said, “It’s no skin off my nose … but if things go downhill for you don’t look to us for help.  And when Blue Sun shows up they will take over the situation.  Either way, we’re under orders to stay here until relieved.”

Ben watched as the two started looking over the ship.  It was an old design dating back to the beginning of the war.  Basically it was three cylinders.  Two of them on the sides were smaller acting as weapon platforms, fuel storage, and thrusters.  The middle cylinder acted as a cockpit housing for four occupants sitting as pairs back to back.  This one had been retrofitted to allow for five in the cockpit, the fifth sitting in the center. This is where Spider Johnson piloted the ship.



On approach they could see right away that the ship was shattered where it had hit the ground nose first and traveled several hundred feet digging its way into the unforgiving rocky ground.  The trench leading up to the wreckage was littered with scrap metal and ruined components.

Reaching the ship itself they saw right away that part of the cockpit had been cut with a plasma tool allowing access to the crew inside.  Apparently the trauma team removed one survivor.  Footprints and blood smeared acrossed the inside of the ship and dripped onto the ground spoke volumes.  The other remaining crew members resembled crumpled mannequins that had been discarded.  Their limbs were twisted and their bodies shattered.  Dried blood was everywhere.  Flesh and tissue accompanied the blood although no body parts were actually identifiable amongst the carnage.

It was at that moment Edward decided that he needed to remove Spider Johnson.  The small man was fascinating even in death.  Cybernetics had been added to his head to allow him to literally piling on the ship by thought alone.  Edward disconnected any wires and leads that still remained connected and removed the small man’s corpse from inside the ship.



Meanwhile, Pennington was looking over the exterior.  He had hoped to find a black box that would contain information as to where the ship had been in the last few weeks.  However he was unable to find it and feared that it had been destroyed.  But what he did find was that two of the eight missiles mounted on the ship were missing and had apparently been fired.  Of the six remaining missiles two of them had become disconnected from their housing and were armed.  This meant that any jostling or destabilization could set one of them off resulting in a terrifying explosion as the fuel source for the ship exploded in a domino effect reaction.

Pennington was actually amazed at the fact that the fuel containers hadn’t ruptured and detonated on impact.  He also took note of the fact that Hard Burn lacked the usual armor plating of privateer vessels.  It was obvious that they had sacrificed defense for speed and maneuverability.  He pretended not to see the multiple impact punctures inflicted by some kind of heavy laser cannon.  He guessed that the Firefly at a shop held some interesting secrets.

Although none of them realized it, the marshals called in the vehicle identification number for the mule.  Interpol responded shortly that the vehicle was registered and legit.  Fortunately, and the Flying Mule hadn’t been used in any criminal act that would send up a flag.


Edward dragged the body of Spider Johnson towards the marshals with the assistance of Pennington.  He demanded that the Feds relinquish their hovercraft to allow him to transport Johnson to a medical facility as quickly as possible.  He explained that although Johnson appeared deceased – he still had brain function.  After some back and forth arguing, the Sino Marshall agreed to leave the other officer behind while he accompanied the doctor wherever you needed to go. Ben explained that they would ride ahead in the mule to lead the way towards the closest medical facility.

They headed out, but the Marshal protested as they dove through the rocky terrain. “There ain’t no medical hospital within range,” said the Marshall.  “Closest is in Persephone City.  Would take us hours to get there by a hovercraft.”

Edward snapped angrily. “Don’t tell me the details!  My nephew is dead and dying back here.  Just drive the gorram hovercraft!”

The Marshall raised an eyebrow. “Nephew?”

“Don’t ask.” Pennington shrugged.  “Sometimes it’s better just not to ask.” He glanced back at Edward. “And with this guy I have decided I never want to ask.”

The Marshall shrugged, and kept driving.  “Whatever.”


Federal Hovercraft

As the Marshall drove the hovercar away from the crash site, he got a bad feeling in the stomach.  His Granddaddy and Daddy had been a cop although they were local law enforcement on small moon in the White Sun system.  He had been taught to trust his instincts. And right now everything felt wrong.

He glanced over Pennington sitting in the passenger seat and then glanced at the rearview mirror to watch Edward who was in the back seat with the corpse.  Edward was trying to put on a good show of doing CPR and pounding on the man’s chest.  He was singing out almost recognizable Chinese curse words while complaining that the hovercraft was not moving fast enough.



Once they were out of sight of the other Marshall, Edward made his move.  He reached down to his belt and pulled out his tranquilizer gun.  The device was already loaded so he pointed it at the back of the Marshal’s neck.  However at that moment the Marshall glanced at the rear-view mirror and saw what Ed was doing.  The struggle ensued.

The Marshall reached back and tried to grab Edwards arm.  Edward squealed in dismay as he watched the Needler pistol fall from his grasp, tumble through the air, and crash uselessly to the ground.

Edward shouted at Pennington.  He shouted, “Help me! Help me! The Marshall was trying to kill me for absolutely no reason!”


Pennington was already reacting by preparing to play a little chin music on the Marshall.  However the Marshall had the same idea with Pennington.  The Salvager took a swing at the cop but he blocked it.  Edward was thrashing around wildly in the back seat but managed to shout that Pennington should his a knife to stab the Marshall.

Pennington hesitated.  He understood that the situation was bad because of Edward’s decision-making skills and choice of action.  However he wasn’t sure that he wanted to injure (or worse kill) a law enforcement officer.  In fact, he wasn’t even sure how things had gotten to this point.  Pennington glanced at the Marshall in that second of contemplation and saw the man clenching his fist.  He could still hear Edward in the background shouting for him to kill the police officer.  Against his better judgment he pulled out his knife and stabbed blindly.  At that moment, the hovercraft hit a small rock outcropping and jostled Edward who fell forward and bumped into Pennington.  The stab went wild and Pennington lost his balance.  Somehow he ended up stabbing the knife down into the marshal’s foot and pinning it to the floorboard.

Edward regained his balance.  He watched as Pennington yanked the knife out of the marshal’s foot.  The Marshall smashed his fist into the middle of Pennington’s shoulder blades causing him to cry out.  Almost on instinct Pennington repositioned the knife and stabbed upward.  The blade pierced flesh and bone penetrating the marshal’s brain.

The hovercraft went wild as the Marshall flopped dead on Pennington who tried frantically to reach out and push down on the brake.  Pennington accidentally pushed the accelerator to the floor and the hovercraft veered starboard towards a huge pile of stones.  Luckily Edward was able to reach forward grabbed the wheel and throttle down the hovercraft to a stop.

Quinn brought the Flying Mule around to the hovercar.  Benjamin asked exactly what happened.  Pennington almost got a chance to tell the truth but Ed cut him off.

“The Marshall went crazy!” shouted the Doctor. “I was performing CPR on my nephew – I mean on this poor man I saved from the wreckage – when for absolutely no reason that gorram pencil pusher pulled his gun and tried to kill me – I mean, us.”

Benjamin glanced down at the body of the Marshall.  He could clearly see that the dead man’s pistol remained strapped and holstered on his side.  He knew that the doctor was lying again.  With no other recourse, Benjamin ordered them to go through the marshals belongings and remove any identifying information.  Benjamin took the badge for himself.

Pennington found a photo capture of the marshal’s family including his beautiful wife and three young children.  Edward took the photo caption and laughed as he tore the section with the wife away from the capture and discarded the rest.  And as he took the dead man’s Ident card and cred stick, he commented on how attractive woman in the picture looked.  He explained that she reminded him of his third wife who had died mysteriously of suffocation during the night just after he had purchased her a brand new state of the art pillow.

At that point they can hear some chatter and static coming from the dead man’s AT&T Global Communications ear bud.  Ed made a grab for the device but Benjamin beat him to it.  He listened to what was being said and replied that everything was OK and they would be out of service range for about an hour to take the casualty to a mobile medical center.  This seem to appease the Marshall and the conversation ended.


After a short discussion, Edward demanded that he be given the rifle so he could go back and kill the other marshal to cover their tracks.  He reasoned that the other one had seen them and seen their paperwork and knew their names.  There was no other choice but to murder him to leave no witnesses.  Although Benjamin wasn’t keen on the idea, he couldn’t come up with any other options at the time.  To him the doctor seem to be making sense.


So within a few minutes they were back within sight of the wreckage.  They could see the other marshal walking around the crash site looking bored.  Benjamin took the rifle from the mule and settled down into the sand and dirt to zero in on the Marshall. He waited for just the right moment and then pulled the trigger.  His aim was true.  The bullet hit one of the dislodged missiles, detonating it.  The resulting explosion ruptured the already damaged containers of fuel causing what was left of the ship to ignite into a fireball.

“Boom,” whispered Edward. “In your face, Nazis.”


Benjamin glanced at the Doctor, but didn’t say anything.

They watched as the Marshall was thrown backwards the air and collided roughly with the hard ground.  His legs and arms twisted at odd angles and his head lulled limply to one side.  Benjamin raised the scope second time to peer at his victim.  He could tell he even from this distance that the man was dead.  The explosion and violent impact had clearly shattered his spine and neck.

“It’s done,” said Benjamin as he climbed back into the mule. “Get that other body down there and let’s get the hell out of here.”

Edward and Pennington did their work quickly.  They dragged both bodies of the marshals to the fiery wreckage and tossed them into the furnace.  Like Vikings of Earth-That-Was the two men slowly burned.  With any luck nothingwould be left to identify them. g  With that the crew departed heading back to the salvage yard.

At that moment T’sien sent a wave to the mule.  He explained to the captain that someone had sent a wave to Liberation and he answered it.  It was about ten minutes ago.  He described in minute detail how the screen had been black as if covered by something maybe a cloth or handkerchief.  Then he had watched as the screen focused on Abel who was tied to a chair.

It was clear that Abel had been badly beaten.  His eyes were swollen shut, his lip was fattened and bloody, and it appeared that he may have lost a few teeth.  T’sien wistfully mentioned that it was possible that even a part of Abel’s ear had been cut away.  Benjamin interrupted and told him to get to the point.  T’sien apologized and continued to explain that the view widened to show a rough looking man in a dirty brown duster wearing a cowboy hat standing behind Abel.  He can also see that there are few other people in the room maybe five or six.

Abel Beaten Badly

Abel Beaten Badly

T’sien told Benjamin that he thought the man might be a bounty hunter.  He said that the man told that he had one of our boys and needed to talk to Benjamin Clemson immediately.  Thinking in a wise move, T’sien pretended not to know who Benjamin was and claimed that the ship formally known as Liberation was now in possession of a new owner.  Discovering this, the man laughed and put a fancy looking gun to Abel’s head.  Then the man said that he didn’t have time for games.  T’sien tried to protest but the man coldly stated that if this was the was the case then it was no reason to keep the boy alive.  At that point he flipped off the feed and the wave died.

Benjamin cursed loudly. On the way back to Pennington’s base they discussed the plan to rescue Abel and the others. Edward seemed more concerned about the ship, but this didn’t surprise anyone. By the time they arrived at the yard they had devised their big damn plan.


They were back on the road twenty minutes later. Using the mule and the hovercraft, they drove through the Maze to where the Ice Pony had been stashed. They parked about a block away and walked to hangar 84B. Arriving, they saw that the hangar was housed in a block of two other identical hangars, one on each side. All three had large bay doors that could be slid open with a push of a button after entering the proper three digit code. Each also had a single back door that was accessible with a key card.

T’sein went around front while everyone else followed the Captain around back. Benjamin eased his way up to the back door and tried the handle. It was locked.

“I wonder,” said Ed. “if you can’t access the Ice Pony’s systems to see and hear what’s going on.” He scratched his chin thoughtfully. “I’m certain that my Nephew might be hiding on the ship somewhere out of sight.”

Quinn raised an eyebrow. “Your Nephew?”

Edward nodded. “Zan.”

Benjamin rolled his eyes. “Give it a try, Quinn. See if you get anything.”

Ten minutes passed. Quinn had a connection to the Ice Pony. She was busy flicking through all the accessible video feeds on the ship. Everyone knew that when you’re looking at any given screen that someone may be looking back.

Meanwhile, T’sien returned to the hangar. He had walked to the corner store and bought some food. He walked over to the bay door and placed a device on it. With any luck, the device would give him a sonar display of who and what was inside. The device fizzled and sparked, shocking T’sien. As he recoiled, he slammed against the bay door. It made a loud clanging noise that echoed throughout the surrounding area.

Benjamin heard the clanging sound, and smiled. “Well, there’s our diversion hard at work.” He paused. “Quinn, what do you have? Every minute puts us in more danger of being sighted by unfriendlies.”

She shrugged. “Not much. The ship seems to be airborne, and has three men on the deck. Two flying her and one observing.”

Edward’s eyes went wide. “They stole my ship?!”

“She’s in the Blue, that’s certain. In atmo somewhere on planet. Could be anywhere.” Quinn smirked.

“Wait.” Edward clenched his fists. “They stole my ship?!” He pulled the key card out and took a step towards the door.

Just then a sound attracted everyone’s attention to the alley behind them. They watched as a man in a dirty brown duster and wide brimmed hat stepped out of the shadows.

“Will you walk into my parlour?” he said in a gravelly voice. “Said the Spider to the Fly.”


Federal Marshall




(1) The player spent a Plot Point to create an Asset called “Just Happen to Have One.” After that, he used some shared storytelling to explain that he happened to have a junked out shuttle that matched the description given by Benjamin.

(2) If you read back through the story, you’ll see that Randa is under investigation. Randa’s player declared that she is trying to watch the Watchers to see if she can get a clue of who is tracing the credits that they stole from Templeton Steele’s accounts.

(3) You can’t stop the Signal. Surveillance is everywhere. Someone may be watching at any single moment from any of hundred of cameras. Everyone knows that when you stare at a video screen in the ‘Verse, someone may be staring back.

(4) Global Media has streaming video of Benjamin and his Crew committing all sorts of murder and violence. Someone paid a lot of money to make sure that they got branded as terrorists. The video has been sourced out on various news and talk shows.

(5) This is completely true. Owens took his ship off course in an attempt to intercept Clemson. Alliance I.A.V. are not military vessels and lack both armor and offensive weaponry.

(6) Randa is a counterfeiter. If you need something made she can produce a fraudulent imitation or facsimile. She started when she was a teenager by making fake ident cards for her friends. Her skills led to military applications during the Unification War. Now she uses her abilities to make money, hack the Cortex, and slide below the radar.

(7) Refers to events in Wedding Planners.

(8) Haven was a moon orbiting the planet Deadwood in the Blue Sun system, and was the final home of Shepherd Book after he left the crew of Serenity. It was also a place of refuge for the Serenity crew.

(9) T’sien’s player made a successful MENTAL+NOTICE roll. I rolled randomly on a reference chart I use and determined that he discovered the Gurstler.

(10) Edward’s player made an unsuccessful SOCIAL+INFLUENCE roll against Paco and Taco. Using a Friend/Foe dice from my collection, I rolled “Foe” both times against the Doctor. Therefore, neither mechanic was interested in buying any drugs.


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