“Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.”
Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard’s Almanack



Abel followed his brothers into the military, becoming an expert in weapons and unarmed combat. During his most recent posting, his superiors recommend him for a special duty assignment where he would be on loan to the Blue Sun Corporation to run security for a Top Secret program. He had always heard rumors that the Alliance and BSC secretly experimented on human beings, but never believed it. When he arrives at the research center and learns that they are, indeed, doing horrible things to people, he started to dig into other conspiracy theories.

His love of the Alliance soon began to wane as he discovered the truth, and he started seeing the plight of the Independents in a different light. He corresponds with a reporter named VOREN TAAL with the Galactic News Service.

Taal said he was interested in revealing these secrets to the ‘Verse and planned to meet him. But before that happened, an old friend from basic training who mysteriously disappeared a few years ago, John “Mack” MacGruer, showed up just before Abel could go and tells him it is a trap. Mack explained that the Alliance was watching Taal closely because he had bragged about broadwaving a story that would put Blue Sun out of business for good.

If he went to meet Voren, Mack explained, Abel would be arrested and imprisoned as a traitor. Mack helped him escape from the base. At the same time, a doctor from the Top Secret facility was making an escape too. The three joined forces, and Abel’s life changed forever.

Since then, Abel has been on the run, finding jobs as he can to earn an honest living while trying to keep a low profile ever since. He’s AWOL from the Alliance. If they ever catch up to him, there will be Hell to pay.




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