Doctor Edward E. Edwards

Edwards never understood the Law. At least the laws of men and gods. Natural laws where one thing. You could depend on gravity or the decay rate of certain isotopes. Human law not so much. It always seemed more a matter of opinion than of fact.

Ed always felt that it was better to live by a code rather than try to conform with law. Of course the only code that Dr E. could stick to was “Nothing is True. Everything is permitted. Nothing is good or bad lest we make it so. ” A simple and elegant code that allowed for so many possibilities. Of course the practice of this simple elegant life guide tended to ruffle some feathers. Make simple minds shriek about violations of the laws of man and god. Say stupid things like you are bound by law or my god what have you done.

The only rules Ed had ever had time for where those that could be used to expand the mind not constrict it. Bindings were made to be broken free from so the resulting liberty would be all the more sweet and appreciated..

Thankfully the verse had given Dr Edward Elliot Edwards the tool and means to break through the barriers and chains that other create. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.



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