Doctor Edwards

Doctor Edwards

The wave was too short to be cryptic, which was a pity. A list of qualifications needed, a location, a date and time with some byline about compensation and benefits. Ed would have loved his invitation to join the program at the Academy to be more than an unsolicited invitation for a job interview. It was all so unceremonious considering the importance of the work they would have him do.

Of course its timing could not have been better, the hospital was getting to be a bit of a poisonous environment. Sure they loved it when he was able to get that wonder drug that had languished for years in testing to actually work wonders but they kept asking pesky questions about his methods.

Who the hell were they to go looking around for the egg shells once they had eaten the damn omelet! The social scene was getting to be a drag too. “My girlfriend freaked out and jumped from the balcony when she took that stuff you sold me.” “My brother is still in a coma!” Bunch of light weights that could not handle a good time spoiling a once green pasture. Their were always greener pastures, Ed just needed to find them.

The interview was interesting though. Of course the Doctor and the bureaucrat that conducted it were unimaginative idiots spouting off information about his past that nobody could know in an attempt to intimidate him …

Edwards returned the favor to their shock as his intuition was a very finally tuned instrument. At he end of a very long uncomfortable silence in the interview process Ed blurted out ” I wish you boys would just hire me or have the guards come in and shoot me. But you know you can always just hire me now and shoot me later if things don’t work out. ” . Ed always wondered why he said that out loud..

Both of them both smiled as the weaselly little man in the lab coat threw a key card and across the table and said welcome aboard Dr. Edwards. However all the promises of unfettered science where just dull assurance. Ed would find himself again under the supervision of those who lack the eye for pure genius. But Edward Elliot Edwards wasn’t going to wait around for the bullet. He would let it find him, some other day when his work was done …

Doctor Edwards

Doctor Edwards


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