Badger left a briefcase on Liberation for the crew. He called it “a box.”

Inside the case is a black foam liner with 5 medication bottles filled with small pink and orange tablets, 10 bottles of eyedrops, and six injector flex-pens. All of them are marked “LEVOFLOXACIN” which is an antibiotic.

Badger left a capture that is a close up of him.

Crowley Badger, King of Hell
“Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows, eh Captain? Broadwaves from the government name you and your crew as terrorists among other things. Interesting read really.

(He paused, looks off screen with a smile.)

You won’t find these waves on the main circuit though, mainly just on Federal Network and Bounty Hunter Sniffers. Strange thing, that. Mighty dangerous criminals only being fleeced out to money hungry scum … and also the Bounty Hunters.

(He smiles, amused by his own joke about the Feds.)

In any case, some woman named Asante Okoro is looking to put your head on a spike, Captain. Hell hath no fury, supposedly. I’m helping you because you do good work for me.   And this Asante recently barged into by gorram den to order me around. I don’t like being told what to do by ruttin’ Feds.

(Slight pause)

Take this box to New Dunsmuir on Beaumonde. Go to the Maidenhead, and ask to talk to Radiant. Give Radiant the box. Say you want to know where to find Asante Okoro. Stay alive, Captain.

(Another short pause)

Oh, and destroy this capture will you?



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