I. A. V. Avenger

I. A. V. Avenger

Twin bulk doors slid open, revealing the dark green interior of the massive command chamber for the Interstellar Alliance Vessel AVENGER. A high ranking Alliance Officer stands on a short platform, staring out a large window into the vastness of space. His eyes adjust, focusing on his own reflection in the glass. His eyes trace to the crookedness of his nose, and he sneers. Some wounds never heal.



Two Alliance Shocktroopers walked through the doors, and dragged a manacled prisoner towards the Officer. They stopped short of the platform, and roughly dropped the woman to the cold, glossy metal floor.

“Report,” demanded Owens.

“Treason, sir!” snapped one of the Troopers.

“Summary Execution,” replied the Colonel coldly. He turned back around, returning his gaze to The Black.

“Wait!” shouted the woman. “I have something to bargain with for my life! Information important to the Alliance!”


Owens turned back around, and gazed at the girl. She was probably in her late twenties. Small, maybe even dainty. Black hair streaked with blue chalk. Gaudy green eyeliner and henna markings all around her cheekbones.

His eyes gleamed with interest. He stepped forward away from the glass. “Go ahead,” he said with a villainous grin. “Tell me what you know, scum. I may let you live.” He paused. “But first, tell me your name.”

She sat upright, struggling because of the manacles. “Xavier. My name is Xavier.”

Owens nodded. “Fine, Xavier.” He brushed some lint from his shoulder, and sighed. “Continue.”

“Cabott … it concerns Randa Cabott.”

Owens looked annoyed. “Cabott?”

Xavier nodded, a single tear slipping down her cheek. “She’s a Cortex Hacker on a tramp freighter called LIBERATION. She stole a bunch of credits. Hundreds of thousands of credits.”

“Go on,” Owens said slyly. “Tell me more.”

Owens listened to the girl’s story, grinning victoriously the entire time. Afterwards, he issues a few orders to redirect AVENGER to the White Sun system. Afterwards, he makes an awkward gesture towards Xavier. “Take the girl to the stockade. Let her rot.”

Xavier burst into tears. “No,” she sobbed. “No.”

The Colonel gave one more order. “Ensign, send a wave to MANSUNORI YATSUMOTO. He will want to know about this development.”




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