Human experimentation has a long and extensive history. Level 7 is just another example. Data retrieved during the Crew’s raid on the RIM’S DREAM details only some of the research and development being conducted on the ship. Although some of the information was encrypted, the Crew is able to decipher (with the help of Quinn and Randa) about 75% of the downloaded data.

Level 7 is a operational code name for the lab located on the RIM’S DREAM. The space, literally deck seven of the ship, is a secure mobile platform being used for medical research. Documentation in the data files labels this research as a Military Cloning Facility. The attached documents describe vaguely that the lab is funded by the Blue Sun Corporation.

These documents include archived copies of medical notes submitted by several different doctors. Reviewing the notes individually is very confusing, however taking the entire collection of notes as a whole, it is evident that Level 7 is apparently linked to something called Project: Perfect Warrior. Subjects involved in Level 7 are not referred to as patients, but instead called “twigs.” Successful participants are classified as “lusus naturae” while failed participants are noted as being “cast offs.”

It is clear that participants in the Level 7 program are selected from visitors to the RIM’S DREAM.  An attached holo-vid media file features a well dressed business woman explaining in blatant terms that the cost of civilian life is worth the benefit of the overall goal of the Alliance to make advances in medical science. Participants are coerced into participating; they do not willingly volunteer and there appears to be no informed consent. Typically, the experiments result in death, disfigurement or permanent disability.

Documented experiments include: cloning, nerve regeneration, head injury experimentation, freezing, immunizations, chemical gas experimentation, dehydration, sterilization, pharmaceutical experimentation, and organ modification. All documentation appears very formal. Most precisi on the subject is vague but appears to be unethical.

Doctor Edward E. Edwards is listed as one of the main doctors leading the field in pharmaceutical experimentation. He was active in Project: Perfect Warrior but never added to Level 7. He was dismissed for failing to follow orders and assigned as a Mobile Physician with a designation for the Blue Sun System, namely Deadwood. He never assumed his duties at Deadwood, and was reported as a rouge agent with several warrants issued to be Bound By Law. He is currently wanted for questioning for several Federal Crimes.


The Blue Sun Corporation is a mega-corporation. It’s basically Wal-Mart on steroids. They are on every planet, and their products are in every home – rich and poor alike. The logo is so common that most people don’t even pay attention to it. They provide people with the basics of life: food, drink, and shelter. They hold the monopoly on packaged foodstuffs, and their products have become essential to people on the newly terraformed worlds. Many new settlers wouldn’t have survived without Blue Sun packaged food feeding them for the first year.

Blue Sun didn’t get into business out of love for mankind. They simply wanted to make money, and no one begrudged them that. But then, as the company grew bigger and bigger, and became more and more powerful, greed and corruption took over. Profit was the only thing those running Blue Sun could think about. They set out to make more and more money by extending their power as far as they could manage.

It’s no secret  that Blue Sun engages in deadly corporate espionage and then calls in favors from powerful government officials to help cover their tracks. Its subsidiaries and shell corporations have branched out far from food and service industries, going into computer systems, communication technology, and even spaceship design, along with the biotech industry – even going so far (some whisper) as to conduct experiments involving living humans. Only top executives have a good grasp on what the ‘big picture’ is when it comes to this mega-corporation. Its research and development division is a mysterious place guarded by security equal to top secret Alliance military projects.

The Blue Sun Corp. has multiple goals and it has the resources to pursue those interests. Its elite agents are sent out on secret missions.  The truth is that the Blue Sun Corporation’s interests are widespread and driven by several of its leaders’ personal plans and schemes.




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