INDENT CARD: IdentCard: Every citizen is issued one of these at birth. An Ident Card contains an integrated electronic datachip with a full background profile, medical information, criminal record, current address, and any additional pertinent information, including a full-head image of the owner.

Medical 385

Robert Grawitzer, Alliance Doctor

Abel stole an Ident Card from one of the doctors who was en-route to check on Daniel’s well being. The card belongs to a doctor named Robert Grawitzer.  According to the data that Randa was able to retrieve from the datafile, Grawiter is a citizen of Persephone in the city of New Dallas. He made a name for himself as an important figure in the field of anesthesiology and medicine, receiving awards and honors during his career. He was transferred from a medical facility in New Dallas to an classified facility in Ariel where he worked on a secret program. Afterwards, he was assigned to The Rim’s Dream as a member of LEVEL 7. His position within Level 7 is Project Anesthesiologist.





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