An adventure seed for the FIREFLY RPG


THE LOW DOWN:   The crew has been sent to a swampy environment to locate the daughter of a nobleman who ran off into the wilds. The frantic noble was willing to pay large coin for the job so they couldn’t pass it up. Now they’re deep in the Dagobah-looking marsh and they’ve found the girl. Problem is that they’re mighty lost.

THE STORY SO FAR:  The crew started off well, tracking the girl through the marsh. After a few hours of hunting around they located her safe and sound. Returning became an issue though when they realized that they were mighty unaware of their surroundings. Communications appear to be jammed and even the crew’s best tracker can’t get a read on where they are. A thick mist has come out of nowhere, the trees nearly blot out the sky, and the smell of mud is brackish and downright distasteful.

THINGS DON’T GO SMOOTH:  The Crew encounters a stranger who appears from the mist. He simply calls himself “Ferryman.” He tells the crew that he’ll lead them out of the swamp for a simple price: the nobleman’s daughter.


About Big Rich

D&D, WEIRD WAR, STEAMPUNK, FIREFLY, CTHULHU, COMICS, and ZOMBIES ... oh my. Big Rich is just another geek cluttering your internets with senseless nonsense.
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