From: Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd.

“The license for the Firefly RPG was announced late February 2013. The first release in this line was an August 2013 preview called Gaming in the ‘Verse: GenCon 2013 Exclusive. This was a limited time only release that allowed us to preview the rules and test the response. Due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback, we used the Exclusive as a foundation for the corebook and our digital Echoes of War line.”

We designed the line to provide multiple entry points into the game, so folks can learn to play the way they’re most comfortable with. We also structured and developed each product to help players learn Cortex Plus. As a rules system, we do consider this to be a new flavor of Cortex Plus designed to emulate the feel of being on a television show. Anyone who’s played Cortex Plus Action or Heroic will see similarities and pick up on this game really quickly.

What time period is the Firefly RPG set in?
The game is set six years after the Unification War and leads up to the events that take place in the Serenity film. This means the primary focus of the game is on the events of the Firefly television series. For example, Reavers are still very mysterious and their origins are unknown. Additionally, certain locations and secondary characters, such as the planet Miranda and Mr. Universe, aren’t included since they appeared only in the film.

What are the major differences between the Firefly RPG and the Serenity RPG?
The SERENITY ROLE PLAYING GAME was published in 2005 and was based on the movie, Serenity. The RPG employed the first iteration of the Cortex system (which is now called Cortex Classic). The new FIREFLY ROLE-PLAYING GAME is based on the Fox television series. The game rules are rooted in the Cortex Plus system and specially designed to suit the Firefly setting and mirror how it might feel to be on set for this beloved television show.

Where can I go to ask more questions? Find more information?
You can drop by the Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd. website found at www.margaretweis.com. Our forums are the best place to ask gameplay-related questions and get your queries answered by our staff and fan community. For news, visit our company Twitter (@margaretweispro or Facebook account (/MargaretWeisPro) to stay on top of new releases and breaking announcements.



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