An adventure seed for the FIREFLY RPG


This seed is based on an actual news story. The idea of this short adventure is that the Crew discovers a floating derelict ship. Maybe they just ran across it by accident or maybe someone paid them to find it. Either way, they come across a ship drifting out in the Black. There is no visible damage to the vessel to the naked eye. Scanning it shows that it has operational life support and systems. Scanning also reveals the heat signatures of several dog-sized creatures. Too many to count. They are throughout the entire ship. Hitting the Cortex doesn’t reveal too much other than it was a cargo ship (choose your class and type, Gamemaster!) and it was registered as carrying foodstuffs. Might be that some of it is still salvageable if it was stored and preserved properly. Hard to say.  Wouldn’t hurt to take a look, right? What could go wrong?


This cargo ship is drifting and out of gas. It was abandoned and for whatever reason, left to its own fate in the Black. The ship was transporting foodstuffs, but the cargo is long gone thanks to the GIANT RATS that now call the ship their home. It’s up to you, Gamemaster, how many of these rats are on the ship. And who knows, maybe the crew was smuggling something that would be valuable to the Crew. Either way, the Rats of Unusual Size  should be introduced in one of two ways. depending on what feel you want for the story. Either the Crew is immediately attacked by the Mutant Rodents upon arriving on the ship, thus making it obvious that the monsters are overwhelming and aggressive. This method creates a “Blast Our Way In” adventure where combat is going to be the focus. Or you can be creepier about it and have the Crew slowly discover the presence of the Big Rats in a Scooby Doo mystery sort of way.


Either way, keep in mind that the Rats can be devious even though they are not “intelligent.” They  know this ship. It is their home. They have established routes of travel maybe through hatches and ventilation shafts. Also, like in the story referenced above, the Rats have a pecking order. Maybe they are even split into diverse groups. They have been surviving out here by cannibalizing each other. The weak, injured, and sick get to be food for the stronger Rats. So now the Crew is not only intruding into the Rat’s home but they are also MEAT. Tasty, yummy meat.

However the story plays out, you can always be a devious Gamemaster by having at least one of the Crew contract some  disease either by being bitten by one of the Ugly Rotten Monsters or by coming into contact with the Big Damn Rat Droppings on the ship. Maybe they have to make a run to a medical facility to get the right treatment, have to steal some medications, or even go crawling back to someone like Badger for help in locating the meds. Either way, it could set up another story  for your players.

In the end, have fun with it. That’s the point. And even if they decide not to get on to the ship, don’t railroad them. Just make sure that your descriptions of the Rat Ship is memorable.  And then later on, have someone hire them to go back to the ship. And watch them cringe. They don’t have to take the job, right?



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