An adventure seed for the FIREFLY RPG


THE LOW DOWN: The crew needs to make some coin and don’t really care what the job is that’s needin’ to be done. They are contacted by a representative of a medical research firm. The firm needs cargo in the form of several large metal containers transported to a facility of Greenleaf. The pay is very good, but the entire operation is hush-hush. What could go wrong?

THE STORY SO FAR: Dr. Gregory Folbert, a brilliant researcher, has been working for several months on a government grant to develop living weapons for the Blue Sun Corporation. These military grade weaponized beings were made from fossilized DNA from Earth That Was. The sample was transported by The Ark known as Prometheus. Thought to be human in nature, the Doctor was successful in growing several embryos to maturity in his laboratory. Based on the age of the DNA and the techniques he employed, Dr. Folbert expected the resulting creatures to be alive but brain dead—perfect subjects for conducting a safe and orderly study. But he was wrong. Now Blue Sun wants the clones transported to a facility on Greenleaf.  Sounds like an easy job, right? Pick up the cargo. Stash and transport it. Collect the coin. However, things will not go smooth.

THINGS DON’T GO SMOOTH: The DNA is not human. It’s reptilian. Fossilized DNA from Deinonychus. The embryos are stored in metal containers filled with a thick, murky stuff that resembles maple syrup. After being loaded, something goes wrong. Whether it was a miscalculation or malicious intent, it really doesn’t mater. Something activated the embryos and causes them to mature at a rapid rate once the playing character’s ship hits atmo. Once they had reached full size, three of the dinosaurs awaken and smash their way out of their growth containers.

And then, well, I think you can take the story from there, right?

But just in case, here’s how the whole thing could play out.

ACT ONE: The dinos smash their way out of the containers in the cargo hold, and immediately seek refuge. A cave. They seek out a smuggler’s hole or some other kind of nook or cranny in the ship that will resemble a cave for the small deinonuchus beasties. During this act, the playing characters discover the containers smashed open and do some investigating to figure out what the hell happened to their cargo. They might find that one of the embryos did not survive, and resembles a partially formed dinosaur. That should effectively freak them out. Add in the gooey tracks leading away from the cargo hold, and the crew should be on high alert.

ACT TWO: The action happens as the crew plays hide-and-seek while the dinosaurs start to play cat-and-mouse. These newly birthed monsters are hungry and the crew will make mighty fine meals. I can see several scenes of brief encounters and near misses while trying to hunt the hunters. Maybe one of the crew (your version of Jayne) stumbles into the place where the dinosaurs have set up their home base. That crew member is swarmed, and ends up on the floor with two or three of the monsters snapping and clawing at him. The rest of the crew shows up in the nick of time, and does the big damn hero thing. Do they kill the deinonuchus or just capture them? Will they have a choice? You’re the Gamemaster so you decide.

ACT THREE: With the little monsters dead, captured, or whatever … now the crew has to figure out what to do about the job. Did they get half up front? If so, will they return it or just rabbit? Will they demand hazard pay for carrying gorram dinosaurs as cargo? Or will they now be the focus of the Blue Sun Corporation who didn’t want their secrets getting out? Who knows? You’re the Gamemaster … you figure it out.

Okay that’s all for now. Have fun, and check back in for more adventure seeds!



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