The wedding is at hand, but the Crew doesn’t get paid until Lilianna says, “I do.” In the meantime, surely they can stay out of trouble on a luxury liner?





The Crew is headin’ towards the RIM’S DREAM. Upon arrival, they scheduled to dock and then wait until the day of the wedding. Durin’ their wait, they are to keep up security on LIBERATION to protect Lilliana and make sure that she doesn’t rabbit.

Problem is that both The Captain and Quinn are down for the count thanks to Asante and her injections of Byphodine to make both of them appear to be dead. With both Benjamin and Quinn compromised, Triple E made a move to take over the ship. He used Abel and Mack to make this move. However,  Randa put a stop to the madness. She named herself acting Captain, and nobody seemed to argue.

In the wake of Asante’s attempted kidnapping of Lilliana, the Crew seems to have been unified. Even Triple E is on the same page as the rest of the Crew. They want to finish the job for Badger to stay in his good graces, but they also feel obligated to help the girl escape the clutches of her evil father and abusive fiancé. So here we are … between a rock and a hard place … again.

Let’s just say that they decide to screw Badger and the Baron, and enlist the Shepherd to marry Lilly and Daniel on board LIBERATION. That could be one of their cunning plans to resolve the stinkin’ mess. And let’s say for once in The Captain’s life, things do go smooth. He and his Crew manage to rescue Daniel and reunite him with Lilianna on board LIBERATION. The Shepherd performs a hasty wedding ceremony. All without a shot bein’ fired or a punch bein’ thrown. The Crew would think that was too good to be true. And they’d be right.

Guǎi mǎ jiǎo.

The thing with throwing a monkey wrench is that it has to be plausible. Doable. It’s gotta be somethin’ the Crew believes could likely happen. Best if it happens just when the Crew is knockin’ holes in each other’s backs for a job well done. LIBERATION’s not going anywhere. For one or more of the following reasons, the captain of the RIM’S DREAM could refuse to release the docking clamps. LIBERATION would be stuck. But maybe, just maybe someone could grease the gears with the liner’s Captain to make undocking easier. Could take some effort. Even then, things might be less than smooth.

If the Baron discovers Daniel’s missing then it’s pretty sure he will know who’s responsible. He’ll be fit to be tied. If Daniel and Lilianna are married, the Baron will see to it that the marriage is annulled—at gunpoint if need be. Might even be reported to the ship security that one of the Crew lost heavily at faro and tries to leave without payin’ his gamblin’ debt. That would hold things up for a bit while security discovers that it’s all a lie. Even worse, maybe some of the passengers aboard the cruise liner report missing jewels. No boats are bein’ allowed to depart until security does a thorough search for the thief. And what if the missing jewels turn up in Triple E’s shuttle. That would cause some trouble. Esepecially when security finds the cookers and all the methamphetamine that’s stashed within the shuttle on LIBERATION. That might provoke a full search of the ship which would not be good for anyone. Maybe Templeton Steele puts a lien on LIBERATION, claiming that Benjamin used it as collateral in a poker game. Using this story with security, Steele prevents LIBERATION from leavin’, claimin’ he’s now the rightful owner. The lien won’t hold up, but that’s not Steele’s intent. He wants to teach The Crew a lesson in manners. The cruise liner’s captain has no choice but to obey the court order and lock down LIBERATION until the matter can be settled. There’s a pile of bad things that could happen that The Crew won’t even bother to consider before they start shootin’ up the RIM’s DREAM.

And then there’s the Alliance. They pulled the Alliance into the mix before arriving on RIM’S DREAM. Hopefully that pans out for them in the long run.  Oh, yeah. And pirates. Asanta and the Hard Burn are still out there. But they’ve probably just given up on kidnapping the princess, right? Yeah, right.  No matter what, The Crew will have to come up with a some cunning plans before arriving at The Rim’s Dream.  Or maybe they should just quit while they’re ahead.

Guǎi mǎ jiǎo.




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