Seth is in his early thirties. His father is Chinese, his mother Caucasian. He’s of medium height, very strong and muscular. He works out daily, lifting weights and running to keep himself fit. He’s an average shot, for he doesn’t practice. He has killed his fair share of men and will do everything in his power to avoid killing any more. He’s skilled
in the wudang style of martial arts, including the use of the jian or double-edged sword.

Seth is very loyal to Lilliana despite being paid by Baron Fairchild for protection services. The Baron ordered him to bring Lilianna safely to her wedding and Seth obeys orders. However, Lilianna has told Seth the truth about Templeton Steele and her Father. Seth is looking for a way to help Lilly escape her fate. He just needs the opportunity. Seth doesn’t trust Asante. He has a gut feeling about her. She just doesn’t fit his picture of a wedding planner. As Lilianna’s bodyguard, he keeps an eye on Asante. He won’t be surprised to find out she’s not who she claims to be.

Seth had a bad feeling ever since stepping foot on LIBERATION. He felt like a mouse nibbling on cheese right before the spring let’s loose. He sensed that the Captain was trustworthy despite obviously being a criminal. However, the Doctor seemed shady. As time progressed, it was obvious that something was wrong with him. It wasn’t a surprise when Triple E and the boys tried to kill him. But he managed to survive, and now the very people who attempted to murder him might be the ones to provide him the opportunity to help Lilly.

Time will tell.




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