The wedding is at hand, but the Crew doesn’t get paid until
Lilianna says, “I do.” In the meantime, surely they can stay
out of trouble on a luxury liner?


After the Crew has patched up any wounds and dealt with any lingerin’ problems, they will arrive at the cruise liner, Rim’s Dream. The Rim’s Dream is a luxury cruise liner. Information about the linr has been posted on this blog. Please refer to this page. The Rim’s captain has been told to expect LIBERATION, so they have no difficulty docking with the cruise liner. LIBERATION must dock and be secured like any other ship. A disengaged Shuttle from LIBERATION will not be allowed to dock, and after docking the Shuttles will be completely locked down.

allianceboatThings might not go smooth, that depends on the Crew.  By now, the Crew likely has a cunning plan for helping Lilianna find true love with her ranch hand. Here’s some of what will happen or could happen, again it all depends on the Crew.  Likely someone will send a wave to the Baron askin’ to meet, since gettin’ paid would be a good thing. A mechanic might become friendly with one of the ship’s greasemonkeys and persuade him/her to see the engine room. Somebody might could try to obtain an invitation to the captain’s private party in his stateroom. And with this Crew it’s a no-brainer that someone will try to get a weapon into the liner even though there is a very clear NO WEAPON POLICY onboard.


One thing is certain: once LIBERATION docks, Lilly is to remain on the freighter until she is escorted out for the wedding breakfast by the Baron. That certainly doesn’t mean that the bridegroom won’t become a pest. Chances are that Templeton Steele will want to make some kind of contact with Lilly once LIBERATION hits the deck of the Rim’s Dream. 

Lilliana, on the other hand, doesn’t want to leave LIBERATION. She had another trick up her sleeve, one that she will have to admit to the Crew at some point. She promises the Crew of LIBERATION a big, shiny blue diamond if they will rescure Daniel from the Stargazer, and help the two lovebirds escape to some backwoods world. The Crew will have to decide how to handle this situation.

bluesapphirenecklaceAnd let’s not forget that Daniel is being held on the Baron’s ship: The Stargazer. Triple E and his boys are responsible for kidnapping the kid and putting him in such a lousy position. The question is if they care enough to try and fix the problem that they caused while filling their pockets with credits.  If members of the Crew need time to try to locate Daniel, someone may need to keep the Baron busy.

And so here we are. the Crew has to see to it that Lilianna marries Steele. If not, they won’t get paid. They won’t get paid and they will have the Baron and Steele breathing down their neck. Oh yeah, and they won’t get paid … and they will mightily piss off Badger. Oh, and they won’t get paid, did that come up yet?

If the Captain knows a cunning plan is afoot to prevent the marriage, he has to make a choice between honoring his agreement with Badger and the Baron and getting paid, or helping Lilianna find happiness with the man she loves. He could go one of two ways. As far as he’s concerned, he did the job as it was stated up front and he expects to be paid. Seems like the Baron might be tryin’ to welsh on the deal. Captain doesn’t owe this man or Badger anything.

badgerbadgerThe notion that Lilianna has offered to pay the Crew with the diamond and sapphire necklace could help resolve any lingerin’ doubts, though the Captain does recall that Lilianna won’t get the necklace until the day of the wedding. He could tell the Crew the plan is off, he’s a man of his word. He made an agreement and he’ll stick to it, despite the fact that the Baron is a wáng bā dàn. If the Captain decides the plan is off, the Crew has to decide what they’re going to do. Triple E might not see eye to eye with the Captain. Might be a mutiny.

Ah, hell, didn’t you ever want to crash a wedding?




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  1. Kep says:

    Twists and turns and cul-de-sacs. Everything a great story needs. I am enjoying the story. Thank you.


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