It is our pleasure to welcome you into the fascinating world of Blue Sun Cruises.

Out in the Black or In the Blue, we share your passion for luxury and have created itineraries that showcase the Federated Planets and all its glory, from favorite must-see destinations to rarely traveled gems of rare beauty. A careful balance of onboard enrichment and shoreside adventure is combined to create the most magnificent experiences, ones you are sure to treasure for a lifetime.



Aboard the two highest-rated ships, The Last Ark and The Rim’s Dream , you will discover the hallmarks of Blue Sun Cruises… extraordinary service, abundant space, exceptional quality and incredible choices. This is the very essence of our company; this is the Blue Sun Difference. A steadfast commitment to excellence has earned us unprecedented recognition with the Federal Government– an accomplishment unmatched by any other cruise line, hotel or resort anywhere.

We are thrilled that you are considering travel with us, and we welcome the opportunity to explore the world with you.

Think of your ideal wedding day — you and that special person will finally become one, but what would it take to make the day even more special? Nobody knows what you want like you do, but we have an idea: how about something fun and memorable?

BLUE SUN TRAVEL makes fun and memorable happen every time someone cruises with us, so just imagine what we can do for your wedding!





What Should You Expect When You Board The Rim’s Dream?

When arriving at the cruise liner, most folk are docked on Level Two. This is the Main Floor. The docking areas can handle up to four yachts, as well as the ship’s lifeboats that double as shuttles. They don’t handle private shuttles due to security. Once docked, an airlock provides safe passage from the docked vessel to the cruise liner. Security personnel are on hand to check for weapons using an electronic weapons sweep. As long as guests have their visitor badge on their person, they can come and go throughout Level Two without more than observation by Security.

LEVEL TWO also includes fine dining and entertainment: the Verbena Restaurant, Verbena Club, Lucky Lady Casino, Pioneer Pub, Grand Lobby, Purser’s Office Vault, Infirmary, Bijou Gentleman’s Club, and Dance Hall.

LEVEL ONE is off limits to anyone other than employees of the Rim’s Dream.  The majority of the crew of Rim’s Dream lives on this deck in dorm rooms. The crew’s mess hall and a crew “pub” are located on this deck, as well as a gym and a movie theater.

LEVEL THREE contains fine dining, shops, and lounges. Eat at the Lilac Dining Room, listen to classical Chinese music at the Chart Room, have a few cocktails at the Champagne Room, get a better view of the Grand Lobby on the Grand Lobby Mezzanine Overlook, enjoy more private views of the Gentleman’s Club from the Bijou Balcony Bar, or kick back and read a book at the Library Lounge, famous for it’s exotic herbal drinks and coffee.

LEVELS FOUR AND FIVE is economy rooms for visitors. These are smallish rooms with two beds that can be separated or combined into one. Small toilet with tiny shower. Small closet and chest of drawers. Porthole looks out into the black. Maid service and security provided.

LEVELS SIX AND EIGHT are mid-level state rooms for visitors. These rooms are larger and have a picture window with a stunning view. Couch and coffee table. Two beds that can be separated or combined into one. Larger closet, nicer bathroom. Morning maid service and security provided. These are off limits without proper passes.

LEVEL SEVEN is designated as a private area registered to a small medical facility. It is a restricted area for medical staff only.

LEVELS NINE AND TEN are the THE LILAC STATEROOMS: Ornate rooms with small living area, separate bedroom. Includes access to Lilac Dining Room. Afternoon maid service and specialty services available when scheduled in advance.

LEVEL ELEVEN is the PENTHOUSE SUITE. The Suite is the size of a small estate and has an entry hall, living room, dining area, and separate bedrooms. Comes with private butler, private security, and access to Lilac Dining Room.

LEVEL TWELVE is the LIDO DECK.  This deck’s main attraction is an indoor swimming pool, tennis courts, shuffleboard, and walking track. Visit the Greenleaf Cafeteria, open twenty-fours a day with food ranging from hot dogs to Peking duck. Dessert buffet at midnight. Relax at the Osiris Spa and enjoy a few hours of pampering. Mud baths, herbal wraps, massages, whirlpools, and steam rooms. The Grand Ballroom is a large room, beautifully decorated with living palm trees and exotic flowers. Tables and chairs surround a dance floor in the center. And Connected to the Grand Ball, The Lookout Lounge is separated by the bar area, the lounge at the prow beneath the bridge. Large panoramic windows provide a breathtaking view of the heavens.

It is also the location of THE BRIDGE.  Located at the top of the ship at its prow, the Bridge has state-of-the art navigational equipment. The First Officer is in charge of navigation and the Bridge. The Captain will be on the Bridge during tricky maneuvers or emergencies. The Chief Radio Officer is in charge of communications. The Bridge area is secured. Door is locked and only those officers and crew with special keycards can enter. There are no guards, however, and none of the officers carry weapons. An alarm will send armed security personnel to the Bridge on the run.





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