The Captain stalked down the hallway towards the deck. “We’re humped, Quinn,” he called. “The Doctor and his men started a firefight on my boat. The Doctor is shot, the assistant is tied up in Med Bay, and the Bodyguard is being held in the Airlock with Randa for-“

Benjamin stopped dead in his tracks about five steps from the control room. He could see Quinn laying on the floor. She looked unconscious — certainly not dead — but not moving. Was she breathing..? He reached for his gun, bringing it up at hip level without a thought. He took another step, and tried to see into the cabin.

“Join us, Captain.” called a familiar female voice from inside the control room. “Don’t be shy.”


He stepped cautiously through the doorway, lifting his pistol level on the other person in the room. His opponent was leveling a handgun at him as well. It was small, concealable. Obviously smuggled on board without his knowing. Should have searched everyone … everything. Obviously the Wedding Planner had a few more things in her bag than just fancy clothes.

"We're Humped."

“We’re Humped.”

“Looks like we’re at a standoff, little albatross.” said the Captain with a smirk. “You really think you’re faster on the trigger than I am?” His eyes glittered with confidence. “Let’s put the toys away, and talk through this like reasonable folk.”

Asante smiled. “I’m not reasonable.” Her voice was sweet, but her eyes shimmered with hate.

That’s when he heard the subtle sound of movement behind him. He turned, looking directly into the barrel of a drum-fed combat shotgun held by a man wearing Alliance gear, a gas mask, and blue gloves.



Benjamin grunted. “Huh.” He slowly laid the pistol down on the floor, and raised his hands into the air. “Yep, I was right.” His voice was sarcastic, annoyed. “We’re humped.”

That was the last thing Benjamin remembered. Everything went black after that.



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