Quinn had just announced to the Captain that HARD BURN was coming in fast and had fired a missile at them. From the trajectory, it would hit LIBERATION’s hull approximately where the engine room was located. Quinn knew it could cause enough damage to put Libby dead in the water, depending on the payload of the warhead.


The Captain hurried to take control of the hidden prow-mounted laser cannons. Although weapons on a transport ship was a risk for closer inspection by the Alliance, it was a necessity for situation like this out in the Black. He brought the cannons online with reflexes learned from memory, and settled in to the seat unceremoniously. The Weyland-Yutani targeting system tracked fast, drawing a bead on the missile. Benjamin brought the cannons in line with the targeting vectors, and pulled the trigger.  Seconds later, the bogey was harmless ash, tumbling through space.

The ball turret on the underbelly of the cockpit.

The ball turret on the underbelly of the cockpit.

“Nice shootin’ Cap’n!” shouted Quinn. She had already made announcements to the Crew about the sudden appearance of the Hard Burn. The Captain was still repressing the urge to jump up and shout “Yahoo!’ when the sound of gunfire from below decks echoed through LIBERATION.


Seth defends himself outside Lilianna’s room.

“Liu Kou Shui De Biao Zi He Hou Zi De Er Zi!” cursed Benjamin as he raced down the hallway towards the stairs that would bring him to the Lower Level and the Common Room. When he arrived, he saw Randa standing up from apparently having tackled Seth, and Mack standing over the bodyguard. From the look in his eye, he meant to blow the man’s head off. Abel was down, a hole blown through his shirt and mesh armor vest. However, the Doctor was laying on the floor, shot center mass. Blood was everywhere. The room smelled like gun powder and blood.

“What the Hell happened?” Benjamin asked.

Randa shrugged. “I have no idea. The Doctor and his friends started shooting at the Bodyguard. They nearly ambushed him, and he still managed to take two of them out.”

Benjamin cursed again. I was all he seemed to be doing since they landed in Persephone. “Tian Fan Di Fu…”

Randa and the Captain had things calmed down pretty quickly. The moved Seth, currently unconscious, back towards the Cargo Bay to disarm him and put him in holding within the Air Lock. On the way, Randa explained that the young assistant had sneaked into her room and attempted to use a Taser Gun to blast her while she slept.


Abel and Mack carried the Doctor into the Med Bay. Luckily it was nearby. They hefted him up on the table and got right to work. Although it took some time, Abel was successful in treating the bullet wound. Luckily, the Doctor was already heavily medicated due to his abundant drug abuse. Although both Abel and Mack were covered in the Doctor’s blood, their boss would survive this time. Recovery time would be significant even with available medical technologies on the ship.



“He gonna be okay?” Mack’s face was riddled with concern. He blood was splattered all over him.

Abel nodded, and sighed. “He won’t be doing anything strenuous for a bit, but he should make it.” The man paused for a moment. ” He was lucky.”

“You got his blood all over you, Abel.”

The medic nodded. “I know John, but it’s okay. At least this time he bled on us.  Usually he’s just shittin’ all over us.”

Both men started laughing, and clapped each other on the back. Gallows humor helped in these situations. Laugh now, cry later.




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