The crew returns to LIBERATION, docked at pad 49, having run their errands within the three hour window they were given by Benjamin. The Captain, Quinn, and The Edwards Gang have not yet returned. Eager to see what happened with Badger, most of the crew gathers at the Airlock.

Suddenly, they hear an explosion and the sounds of automatic gunfire coming from further down the docks. Peeking outside, they see that the Firefly ship SERENDIPITY is literally under siege: several men dressed in black are firing on the ship, and they have at least one crew member outside the airlock at gunpoint. It looks like maybe some of the crew are puttin’ up a fight, but the man at gunpoint calls to them to lay down arms.

The crowd in the streets is going crazy. The Magpie Festival was in full swing and now there’s a firefight on one of the landing pads. This is why we can’t have nice things. The place will be swarming with Alliance in a matter of moments. Probably Tong, too. It’s going to turn up the heat and fast.


At least one of the crew knows who the man is at gunpoint. It’s their Captain, Cy Law. He is tallish, of average build. He’s not scrawny or weak, but he’s not much stronger than the average guy. What he does have is lightning reflexes, and plenty of them. His hair is brown, eyes blue. White skin. Wears a black longcoat over generic clothes. And he doesn’t seem to like the fact that those guys are holding guns to his head. Wait a minute, those guys are all wearing gas masks. And are those … blue gloves? Must be a trick of the light. Pretty good distance from here to SERENDIPITY’s pad.

The Cortex doesn’t hold much more about Cy than his name, picture and date of birth. He claims to have fought in the war on the side of the Alliance, and he has that look about him, but he really doesn’t make much a deal of it.

A few years ago, he broke a deal with Badger, and has been dodging the guy and his Minions ever since. He’s pretty quiet about his history, and he doesn’t care if anyone else is as well. Everyone knows he’s a bounty hunter, and a damn good one, too. Word is that he takes most of his contracts from the Alliance.


Then it happens. A single blast from a standard issue Alliance Glock-17L. Cy’s head jerks back and to the side as a haze of blood and brain tissue sprays through the air. He stumbled back, and slumps to the ground.

For a second, everything in the Eavesdown Docks seems very quiet and serene. Then, all Hell broke loose on docking pad 56.





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