O Captain! my Captain! our fearful trip is done,

The ship has weather’d every rack, the prize we sought is won.

– Walt Whitman

Quinn and The Captain walked towards LIBERATION, discussing options on how to spend their newly obtained Coin. Before they even made it back, they decided that they should spend the 750 credits to get a new Compression Coil for the Engines. They both knew of a few resources for ship parts, so the search wasn’t difficult. Within an hour, they were in possession of a high quality part and on their way back to the ship. The purchase left them with a hefty 1750 credits in Platinum Coins.  Nothin’ to be sneezed at, for sure.

Arriving back at the ship, they saw that LIBERATION was unsecured. The ramp was down, leaving the cargo hold wide open. There were muddy footprints up and down the plank and throughout the ship leading up to Edward’s shuttle. The 4×4 Mule was parked haphazardly at the top of the boarding ramp, and the gas cap was off. Benjamin could only surmise that Edwards, Able, and Mack must be to blame. Not that it mattered at the time ‘cuz the shuttle was gone.


“Children,” spat The Captain. “We’re dealing with chwen children.”

Quinn was already up inspecting the Mule. “I think we need to revise the agreement to specify that the Mules are off limits.” Her voice was strained and full of frustration. Someone had obviously moved the 4×4 and then abandoned it at the top of the ramp. On top of that, whomever it was left the cap off the gas tank. Muddy footprints throughout the Cargo Bay made it clear that Edwards and his men were the culprits. While The Captain stowed the new Coil for the Engine, Quinn moved the other shuttle into the other bay where Edwards would usually dock. The task was meant to purely annoy The Doctor’s crew, forcing them to recalibrate the Shuttle systems to dock on the opposite bay. It was an act bred out of Quinn’s frustration.

Next, Benjamin followed up on Randa’s report that someone had been messing with the ship’s landing gear. While Quinn was still moving the Shuttle into the other bay, Benjamin started rummaging around in the undercarriage.  Right when he was ready to give up, he discovered a small magnetic bug. It wasn’t activated. Either the woman planting it didn’t get a chance to activate it, or it was remotely controlled. Either way, he detached it with a smirk and tucked it away in his shirt pocket.

Before long, the two were on their way to Badger’s office. Although the thug at the door attempted to intimidate them, a brief discussion about a kind of frozen dessert defused the situation enough to get them through the door. Quinn and The Captain were allowed to meet with Badger. After a short back-and-forth where Badger attempted to taunt them, the discussion finally came down to an offer of two jobs in one. Benjamin accepted, and headed back to LIBERATION.

“Quinn,” snapped Benjamin after they emerged back on the street. “Send those three a wave and tell them to get their asses back to the ship … right now.”

NEXT: Disturbance at Dock 56


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