Things did not go smooth for Mack. The Doc and Abel left him on LIBERATION to guard the Shuttle. Doc had a lot of important experiments cooking in the Shuttle, and nobody needed to be messin’ with them. Mack tried to find something to entertain himself, and decided to make a few unconventional armaments to bide the time. Deciding to experiment with making some Greek Fire, Mack set out to find suitable containers in the Lab. Afterwards, he drove the Mule to the top of the loading ramp to minimize the odor given off from the fuel, opened the ramp to allow air flow, and siphoned enough gasoline to fill there large glass containers.



Mack was so focused on what he was doing, he didn’t bother to replace the gas cap on the 4×4 Mule, or to move it back to its parking spot. He wandered outside and started to use his demolitions kit to start mixing the ingredients. He had to pour out some of the gasoline, so he used the hose from inside the cargo bay to water down the ground around the loading ramp. The natural result was a muddy mess, but at least he wouldn’t be startin’ any fires on the dock today. Well, not on accident anyway.

Mack made a few trips back and forth from the Cargo bay to the Shuttle, just to check the Comm-Link and make sure that The Doctor hadn’t tried to send a Wave yet. After about an hour, Mack had managed to make what he felt was three top-notch Greek Fire Bombs. He was admiring them when he heard Abel’s voice calling to him on the Shuttle’s Comm-Link. He could clean up the mess later. For now, his partner needed his help.

Mack jabbed the button to answer the Wave. “Hello, this is Mack. What can I do to save your skin today?” His voice had a ring of playfulness to it. But apparently Abel was all business.

“This is what I need you to do,” said Abel quickly. “Bring the Shuttle right away to our location. I’m uploading the coordinates now.”

Mack nodded at Abel’s image on the screen, and fired up the Shuttle. Within moments, he was in the air and headed out to pick up his partners. He never gave a second thought to the muddy footprints all over the ship, the abandoned 4×4, or that he left the loading bay hanging wide open.

He had more important things to do, and besides … it wasn’t his ship anyway. Right?

NEXTQuinn and the Captain: Part Two

The Shuttle

The Shuttle


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