As LIBERATION was landing, Edwards received a wave from one of his business partners, Baron Optimus Fairchild. The Baron was on planet visiting with his daughter, and wanted the Doctor to carry out a Gan Kwai job. Knowing that the Baron usually paid well in untraceable coin, Edwards was keen to get right on the deed so that it’d be finished before the Chai Neow Captain got back from his errands.


Edwards took Abel with him, leaving Mack in charge of the shuttle to prevent anyone from poking around in the Doctor’s experiments and such. The two of them headed off into the dusty streets of Eavesdown Docks, noticing right away that it was crowded due to the ongoing Magpie Festival. They also discerned that the docks were full, and that a few notable ships were present, including Aces & Eights, Serendipity, and Hard Burn. All three were well known bounty hunter boats crewed by unreasonable and undesirable folk.


The two made contact with the Baron, and got the details of the job. They headed off into the fairgrounds, and completed the task with only a few complications. They managed to locate and kidnap a young hayseed named Daniel who had been causing the Baron some trouble.

Abel noticed one of the bounty hunters from the Aces & Eights, a very attractive Asian woman who looked as good in her greasy brown overalls as any other woman would in a little black dress.

With the job done, the two met with the Baron’s men to collect their money. Of course, the Doctor negotiated the price to get a bit of a better deal.


Abel returned to the ship, and sent Mack to pick up Edwards in the Shuttle. It wasn’t long until the shuttle was back, and docked safely within LIBERATION. All three men got to work taking care of business, assuming that the Captain would be back soon with another Xi Niao mission from Badger.


The Shuttle

The Shuttle


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