Before LIBERATION even set down at the docks, Randa got a wave from Xavier, her contact in the Persephone black market. Xavier claimed some Lao Gohng Professor needed a job done on the quick. Intrigued, she made her way to the usual drop box and gave the data-stick a read over. The job didn’t have many details, and Randa had a bad feeling about it. Deciding that this job felt Wei Shan, she headed back towards the docks and the ship.



On the way, she took in some of the sights of the Qixi Festival. The streets were teaming with folk, and most seemed to be well on with their celebrating. She kept to herself, avoiding trouble and making sure to stay melted in the crowd. No need to stir up any trouble waiting on the Captain to finish his business. She also took notice of the ships in the dock. Crowded as they were, three ships stood out well enough: The Hard Burn, Aces & Eights, and Serendipity. All three were bounty hunter vessels, and famous for making money from the Lien Mohn Feds by capturing folks that had gone sideways with the Law. She doubted that they were in port for the festivities.

Arriving back at LIBERATION, Randa noticed right away that someone she didn’t recognize was fiddling with the rear starboard landing gear. Confronting the stranger, Randa discovered a woman dressed in brown overalls. Randa chased her off, and glanced at the landing gear confirming that the hydraulics were disconnected. She watched the woman fade into the crowd with a glare, and then went inside to look for the mechanics.

The sooner the Captain returned and they were in the air again, the better.





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