FIREFLY has some central concepts and themes that must be followed as players. These basic themes can help involve the crew in the story being told by the Gamemaster. The campaign might emphasize some themes more than others, suiting them to your group’s individual style. Campaign themes are important enough to warrant a moment’s consideration.


Thrilling Heroics: The heroes are supposed to act heroic sometimes. Be wary of playing a character who is nasty, evil, no-good skunk. Some greedy scoundrel-types are acceptable, but there’s a limit. Flawed people are interesting, but flat-out evil folk will end up locked up or—more likely—on the wrong end of a gun barrel. Consequences in the game will teach a player the error of his/her ways, and if that doesn’t work, allow events to reach the natural conclusion until that character is dead, maybe at the hands of his/her own crew.


Hidden Secrets: Secrets are an important concept in Serenity-style storytelling. Most everyone has something to hide, even if it’s just a crush on a fellow member of the crew. Could be more dramatic, like a Shepherd who knows the ins and outs of the Alliance military. A Shepherd who beats up Federal Marshals. A Shepherd who can shoot out kneecaps with frightening accuracy. The secret might be the reason the character is on the move out in the black, instead of living whatever life he started once upon a time. Interesting secrets lead to interesting role play.
Outcasts & Misfits: The kind of folk who get into the scrapes likely to happen in a campaign are not the sort who settle down and raise a bunch of young ‘uns. The scrapes they are in may not have been part their original life-plan (such as Simon and River), but circumstances have forced them to become misfits who can’t find a place in life—but might find one with a group of other misfits.
Freedom: Try all you like—you can’t take the sky from me. Freedom and what it truly means to be free is a strong underlying notion that should play a part in any FIREFLY campaign. What is the price of freedom? Should living safe be purchased at the cost of freedom? Answers ain’t that simple, as the crew will likely find.

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