Regardless of what kind of BIG DAMN HERO you plan to play during the Firefly Role-Playing Game episodes, the setting will cover the television series. The game’s setting takes place six years after the Unification War and leads up to the events take place in the Serenity film.

Here’s a list of some of the archetypes available to play:

  • Academy Dropout
  • Alliance Agent
  • Asteroid Miner
  • Battle-Worn Bounty Hunter
  • Border Planet Farmer
  • Cortex Hacker
  • Derelict Salvager
  • Dishonored Politician
  • Dock Foreman
  • High Stakes Gambler
  • Small-Time Trader
  • Triad Enforcer
  • Protective Captain
  • Loyal First Mate
  • Quirky Pilot
  • Sly Mercenary
  • Natural Mechanic
  • Registered Companion
  • Mysterious Preacher
  • Fugitive Doctor
  • Fugitive Reader

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