You’ve all played in those role-playing games with the people who constantly want to solve problems using gear instead of their character’s strengths and assets. They want more cool weapons, bigger guns, and more gear! It’s called THE GEAR TRAP. Don’t fall for it.

The Firefly Role Playing Game is at its heart about characters and their role in the ‘Verse. They’re more’n like to live and die out in a freewheeling, dangerous section of the Black. Malcolm Reynolds and the crew of the Fireflyclass transport Serenity frequently demonstrate qualities of rugged self-reliance and individuality, rejecting the life of safety-through-conformity offered by the Alliance. As such, when it comes to creature comforts, they more often than not dowithout—as does everyone else.

That’s not to say that folk aren’t partial to defending themselves. But the way they go about it ought to come from their character. Malcolm Reynolds has never, in his heart, forgiven or forgotten. He’s still a Browncoat, and openly wears the trademark duster to show that his memory is hai bu chuo, thank you. His sidearm is slung in a gunslinger’s rig, and it’s practically a relic itself, but dependable and imposing when drawn.

Jayne, on the other hand, is a big bruiser, a mercenary who makes his trade as hired muscle. It’s important for him to look the part, and in his case, carrying the biggest gun is only fittin’. What Jayne lacks in book learnin’, he makes up for in ways and means to do damage.

Without going overboard on the subject, just remember that focusing overmuch on what weapon your character’s carrying, how much armor he can handle, and the mess o’ crap in his utility belt or duffel bag—that’s taking time away from the interaction of characters. Having a group of well-prepared characters isn’t in keeping with the Firefly game. It’s like as not to be a heap more fun when the crew is woefully unprepared. Gear in and of itself shouldn’t be solving problems. More’n likely it’s gonna land the crew in trouble, forcing ‘em to seek out something else, even if it’s just a different kind of gear.



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