Some folks say “find a ship” as if it were as simple as picking the fattest calf out of the herd or grabbing the new flavor of Fruity Oaty Bar at the general store. Reckon it’s a mite easier if you’re a moneyed individual—someone with a credit account the size of an Alliance Carrier, but most work with more limited means. For most folks, money is an object—an object in short supply. But you’re in luck. There’re plenty of ships out there. The lower budget ones are mostly older than your grandma, but they still hold together Out in the Black. Mind you, they rattle, shake, and need a mechanic constantly checking up on ‘em—but if you treat ‘em right they’ll always get you home.


About Big Rich

D&D, WEIRD WAR, STEAMPUNK, FIREFLY, CTHULHU, COMICS, and ZOMBIES ... oh my. Big Rich is just another geek cluttering your internets with senseless nonsense.
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