Ever since the first fella picked up a rock and looked slywise at his brother, folks’ve been seeking better ways to do each other in.  There’s a whole ‘Verse full of goods out there. Some of it’ll be of direct use—whether it be the ammo you load into your gun, the fuel that keeps you flyin’, or the spare parts that keep you from ending up wai shing piao liu. There’re fancier goods that you’re more’n like never to afford, but you never know what opportunity might present itself on the job. (Just make sure you check for tracking devices before you tow from the high and mighty.) And there’s always cargo to be hauled. If you’re lucky, it’ll be all legit, with a proper invoice and bills of lading and the like. A mite trickier cargo handling is what some folks come to call smuggling. Either way, folk need to make a living.


About Big Rich

D&D, WEIRD WAR, STEAMPUNK, FIREFLY, CTHULHU, COMICS, and ZOMBIES ... oh my. Big Rich is just another geek cluttering your internets with senseless nonsense.
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